6 Safety Tips for Driving in Winter Fog

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Safety Tips for Driving in Winter Fog

Fog-related accidents cause over 500 fatalities yearly, but the advice to avoid the roads in poor conditions doesn’t work for those doing courier work. Read on for our top tips to assist keep you safe when you’re out on the roads in winter.

1. Seeing the issue

Where ice can create slippy patches and damage the road, fog only really affects one area: visibility.

Accordingly, most of those tips will focus on how you’ll be able to remain aware of other vehicles, keep others aware of you and adjust to low visibility. Courier work can be stressful enough without driving blind so whether you’re a new driver or an old hand, it pays to be reminded.

Tips for Driving in Winter Fog

2. A Clearer Picture

If you’re already struggling to see, it makes sense to do everything you’ll be able to to improve visibility. While you can’t change the weather, you can make certain that you’re getting a good view of the road.

Firstly, keep your windows and windshield clean. Dirt can be distracting at the best of times, but in fog, the added murk can be downright dangerous.

Secondly, de-ice your windows and windshield. Additionally to distorting your view, ice and moisture can create a bright glare. Avoid getting dazzled by clearing ice away thoroughly before each journey.

Finally, clear any obstructions. most of the people will do that out of habit, but busy days doing courier work can mean you’re short of time. But don’t cut corners; stay safe by keeping clear lines of sight through your windows.

6 Safety Tips for Driving in Winter Fog

3. Shedding Some Light

So you’ve maximized visibility as much as possible. Now we turn to other drivers. the best way to make yourself known is to use your lights. But it’s crucial you use them correctly.

6 Safety Tips in Winter Fog

4. The Highway Code lays out a couple of rules:

• Never use high beam in fog. • Switch to fog lights when visibility is reduced to 100m or less. • Turn fog lights off when visibility clears to 100m or more.

The last two points should be self-explanatory, although it’s worth noting that you just can be fined for using fog lights when it’s clear.

The first point is crucial, because the intense bright light of high beams can illuminate the fog itself. stick to your low beams and this will also avoid dazzling other drivers.

5. Keeping an eye Out for Hazards

Low visibility means less time to react. to stay safe, drive slowly. By the time you spot a hazard in foggy conditions, it’d be too late, even though you’re driving at an otherwise safe speed.

Similarly, leave more distance between yourself and other cars. the demands of courier work should never come before safety and it’s better to be a bit late than to not arrive at all.

6. General Safety

• Check your mirrors thoroughly before slowing down. • Tap your brakes before you would like to slow to alert other drivers, and brake gently. • Maintain complete control of your vehicle (avoid cruise control). • Hug the right side of the road to navigate – don’t focus on other drivers’ lights. • Use your ears: roll down your window at junctions and crossroads and listen.

Anyone doing regular courier work should also make some basic preparations before every journey. Keep a de-icing kit in your car along with some fuel, a spare tyre and a few warm clothes just in case you get stuck.

We hope these tips help you stay safe on the roads this winter.

Driving in Winter Fog

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