How to Choose the Right Used Electric Vehicle: Here are 7 Simple Steps To Follow

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How to Choose the Right Used Electric Vehicle: Here are 7 Simple Steps To Follow

For more than a decade, the market for automobiles has seen an exponential increase in the popularity of electric vehicles. Purchasing a used EV may be a wise choice if you are new to EVs and want to explore the world of electric vehicles. Buying the right used electric vehicle can help you save a significant amount of money because new electric cars are often more expensive than their gasoline-powered counterparts. 


Drivers looking for reliable and economical transportation now have a variety of used EV options in Canada. However, shopping for a used electric vehicle is not always the same as purchasing a used gasoline car. It requires some different thinking as EVs are so dependent on the battery and software. It’s crucial to inspect something before purchasing a used EV. Here are some crucial steps to take in order to choose the right used electric vehicle while looking for one. 

How to Choose the Right Used Electric Vehicle

Consider your driving needs

On the market, there are numerous varieties of used EVs. Understanding your specific wants for a vehicle will make the purchasing process more efficient and help you avoid wasting time. 

You should consider what kind of EV best fits your lifestyle when picking the right used electric vehicle for your needs.


Think about the following:

Is this my first or only vehicle?

What will my daily usage look like for this car?

How many passengers am I expecting?

What kind of driving do I do?

Do you have an outdoor 120-volt outlet?

How much battery range do I actually need?


You can narrow down your possibilities for electric vehicles and get your study going by posing those questions in advance. Knowing your requirements and preferred vehicles in advance can help you react quickly when your options become available because the used car market can be cyclical. 

Distance and pricing ranges, seating and cargo capacities, usage frequency, and charging infrastructure are a few crucial considerations. Expect to pay more if you want to use a used electric vehicle as your primary mode of transportation and need a long range model. EVs with a range of no more than 150 kilometers are more accessible and affordable, and they are capable of completing a daily commute or a number of errands without needing to be charged.


Right Used Electric Vehicle


Consider the actual electric vehicle ownership costs

Whether a used or new electric vehicle, it is more expensive to purchase than its gasoline-equivalent. However, saving money on fuel is the most obvious advantage of purchasing an electric vehicle. Generally speaking, no matter where you plug in across the nation, electricity is less expensive than gas. 

Additionally, electric vehicles outperform vehicles with internal combustion engines in terms of maintenance and mileage. Because most routine maintenance, such as oil changes, tune-ups and gearbox repairs, is not essential for an EV. Electric vehicles require minimal maintenance, and because regenerative braking uses the motor to slow the car down, even the brake system doesn’t deteriorate as quickly. Therefore, you’ll benefit from the savings in maintenance costs as well as in insurance, in addition to the savings you’ll get on gasoline expenses. By using less fuel and maintaining your vehicle less frequently, you will ultimately save time and money.


Examine the battery’s condition

Regardless of how much the battery is used, lithium-ion batteries tend to deteriorate over time. The battery age of a used EV will have an impact on how far you can travel. Your battery range may be impacted because when a battery ages, it can hold less charge. A used EV’s battery deteriorates for a variety of reasons, despite the fact that a car dealership’s service department can provide you with a full report on battery health. You can’t really know all these things just by looking at the automobile, like the operating temperature, how the battery charges, or overcharging. Additionally, not all EV batteries are created equal; certain automakers produce superior batteries. Consider Tesla as an example; even after traveling 320,000 kilometers, its batteries may maintain more than 90% of their original capacity, indicating that choosing a used Tesla will result in less battery degradation.


If you are purchasing a used electric car for commuting, a reduced battery range shouldn’t be a concern. However, don’t expect a 100% battery life report. Most EVs are likely to work for you if you have a short commute, work from home, or don’t drive much in general. On the other hand, if you drive long distances frequently, you should be more careful when finding the right used electric vehicle. 


Check the battery’s warranty

While purchasing a used electric vehicle may present a challenge due to battery degeneration. The good news is that most used electric cars will still be covered by warranties because extended warranty coverage for battery packs is offered by all major automakers. 

You might look for a car with a current manufacturer’s warranty. The majority of battery warranty coverage lasts for eight years or 160,000 kilometers from the date of purchase, whichever comes first. Despite the fact that not all warranties are transferable to new owners, you can check with the automaker by providing them with the VIN (vehicle identification number) to find out when the warranty expires and whether it can be done so.


Think about charging

You will unquestionably need a charging station to recharge an EV, whether you are buying a new or used one. The capability of a used electric car to be charged is essential. There are three charging levels for electric vehicles. All EVs are capable of Level 1 charging, which adds about 7-9 km of range per hour charged and involves plugging a 120-volt cable into a typical household outlet. EVs all support level 2 charging, which operates on a 240-volt circuit and adds about 30 km of range per hour charged. Fast charging at Level 3 is what it is known as, and on certain older EV models, it was either optional or not available at all. Level 3 charging stations use a 480 Volt system and can add up to 250 km of range per hour charged. You should look for a car with Level 3 charging if you intend to go long distances.


You can charge your EV at a public charging station or connect your electric vehicle straight to a power socket, which will take much longer to charge your EV. However, these aren’t the most practical solutions, and they require more time to recharge. On the other hand, public charging stations are still less prevalent than gasoline stations, so you must determine whether you really need to install a charger at home. However, you probably can only use public chargers if you can only park your electric vehicle on the street or in a garage attached to an apartment.


Take the depreciation factor into consideration

There is a growing supply of used electric vehicles on the market. Cars are generally deteriorating assets, while electric vehicles have an especially steep depreciation due to the speed of industry innovation and the lifestyle adjustments needed to purchase one. 

Buying a used electric vehicle that is three years old or older can get you the best bargains and prevent the biggest depreciation hit. Additionally, used EVs have a smaller market compared to traditional used cars, so you may also be able to negotiate a lower price.


Take the EV for a test drive 

No matter how much study you do in advance on the operating range, performance, and features of an electric vehicle, it’s important to give the EV you are buying a full test-drive before making the final decision. 

Take the EV for a test drive to get a sense of how the car handles, and pay attention for strange sensations and noises. At a safe distance, study the readout screens and scan for any warning messages. Check out the features of EVs to see if they work effectively. Make sure to check the actual battery range during your test drive as well.

It’s also recommended to arrange for a qualified mechanic to perform additional inspections on the used electric vehicle you are buying. Since electric systems account for a large portion of EV features, experts in EV diagnosis have superior resources and training and can foreseen any potential issues.

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