11 Best Electric Vehicles for Canadian Drivers

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The world is ushering in a new world of top-end, environmentally friendly electric vehicle (EV) transportation. As a result, countless electric vehicle manufacturers have sprouted, rolling out new EV models that drive people over the heels. For most Canadian commuters, driving a compact electric car will get you farther, but a 400 kilometers range is best if you plan to commute to work from Toronto or Burlington to Ottawa. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in Canada, but which types cut it for the Canadian drivers in the country? In this article, we list the best 11 and the most popular electric vehicles for Canadian drivers and the essential features for each of them.

Tesla Model S

Range: 651 km

Peak power: 1,020 HP

Top speed: 200mph

This Tesla model is one of the rare gems from Elon Musk’s Tesla lineup and is fully electric and a super popular EV in Canada. The new Tesla Model S, a high-performance version with 1,020 horsepower and a range of 652 kilometers, was just added to the company’s lineup.

The Model S is the fastest electric car in the world when equipped with the Tesla’s Performance version of its new 85 kWh battery pack. The Model S is also very practical. The spacious rear cargo area has a convenient second front trunk that provides extra space to store items and supplies. In early 2022, the company announced that it’s removing the radar systems from this model and the predecessor model X, entirely relying on Tesla Vision to detect its surroundings. However, it hasn’t stopped this model from being the road miller it is. With a top speed of 200 mph and enviable acceleration, this EV is every Canadian driver’s eye candy.

Tesla model S

Ford Mustang Mach-E

Range: 490 km

Horsepower: 480 HP

Top speed: 70 mph

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is an electric SUV inspired by the company’s racing and sports vehicle heritage. By creating an electric crossover with styling cues and a performance-oriented driving style inspired by the Mustang coupe and convertible that are still powered by gasoline, “Mustang” becomes a Ford sub-brand. Despite its intimidating aspect, the maximum driving distance is 490 kilometers. The Mustang Mach-battery E’s pack may be recharged at home or while traveling at one of the many charging stations for electric vehicles.

The 5-seat Ford Mustang Mach-E has four model variants and is expected to get 86 MPGe on the interstate and 100 MPGe in the city. The Mustang Mach-E with rear-wheel drive and the extended range battery has an EPA-estimated range of 490 km, while the Mustang Mach-E with all-wheel drive and the extended battery has an estimated driving range of 434 km.

Ford claims that its 2022 models are currently out of order due to enormous demands. However, the company has rolled out the 2023 model, which is quite familiar and available in retail. This electric midsize SUV has all the perks ideal for Canadian drivers with its four trim levels and a low retail price of $52,995. If you fancy top speeds and quiet and efficient engines, this SUV is a match made in heaven for you.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

Range: 410 km

Horsepower: Up to 200 HP

Top speed: 90 mph

Chevrolet is reworking the most popular Bolt hatchback to look more like an SUV. The Chevrolet Bolt EV is an all-electric 5-seater SUV that comes in two trim levels, the Chevrolet Bolt EUV, is even better in terms of shared interior, comfort, and feature content improvements. The Bolt EV has a city driving range of 410 kilometers and a combined EPA-rated range of 383 kilometers. It is expected to attain 104 MPGe on the highway and 125 MPGe in the city.

The Bolt EUV has capabilities that the original Bolt did not, such as a longer wheelbase for more backseat space and the option of Super Cruise. This family-friendly electric vehicle retains the Bolt’s outstanding value and many safety features while offering 398 kilometers of driving range on a single charge. The Chevrolet Bolt SUV is performance-oriented and ideal for all Canadian roads with its cutting-edge technology and incredible range. Its EUV version is pretty jacked-up and has the kicks of handling any street, including the countryside, and seamlessly in the city without a glitch. This car’s top-end acceleration can clock 60 mph in just 6.5 seconds. Speaking of the heavyweight electric SUV cars in Canada, this car is the right pick for every driver.

Porsche Taycan GTS

Range: 480 km per charge

Horsepower: 590 HP

Top speed: 155 mph

The 2022 Porsche Taycan GTS is among the best in the Taycan series, with an incredible acceleration capacity to delight every Canadian driver. It’s a significant improvement from the previous models and takes just 3.5 seconds to clock 60 mph speeds. The best part is that it retails at reasonable prices, starting from $125,995. Any driver looking for a powerful electric car in Canada should get their hands on this model.

Mercedes Benz EQS

Range: 770 km

Horsepower: 751 HP

Top speed: 130 mph

The Mercedes Benz EQS is fully electric and one of the first in the EMG model. It’s easy to understand the hype around this EV; it speaks for itself. Imagine a car with over 650 horsepower and a top speed of 130 mph. This car’s close competitors are only a few sought-after EVs in Canada, and it’s a king of the roads that every Canadian driver would love to have for company.

EQS sedan is also the first fully electric vehicle from Mercedes Benz. The EQS cabin is comfortable and spacious, with plenty of cargo space. The EQS is a true electric luxury vehicle, with features like extensive ambient interior lighting, headrest pillows for front and rear passengers, adjustable back seats with massaging capabilities, neck, and shoulder heating, and an Executive Rear Seat package. This big EV has a massive 107.8-kWh battery that provides a range of up to 770 kilometers. Furthermore, the EQS can charge its battery to 70% capacity in 35 minutes using a DC fast charger, compared to 11 hours with a 240-volt Level 2 charger.

Tesla Model X

Range: 580 km

Horse Power: Between 670 and 1,020 HP

Top Speed: 155 mph

Like its counterpart, Model S, this Tesla electric SUV is one of the gems on Canadian roads, with an incredible range of up to 580 km per charge. The Model X, a Tesla SUV known for its Falcon Wing doors, seats up to seven people in futuristic luxury. It’s more accommodating and futuristic, ideal for carrying up to seven people. The Model X has the highest starting price of any Tesla currently on the market in Canada. Its starting prices are a bit hefty, from $122,700 CND, but it offers the best bang for your money. Its acceleration capacity is high-end, and it’s durable enough.

The Variant X comes standard with a battery large enough to sustain a stated 523-kilometer driving range, and charging takes only a few minutes at one of Tesla’s Superchargers. Tesla sells in-home charging equipment that can be used with either a 240V or 120V connection, which is slower but more convenient for Tesla owners.

Audi e-Tron 2022

Range: 357 km

Horse Power: 355

Top Speed: 124 mph

Most Audi cars are high-power, and this brand’s first electric 2019 model seems to carry on the legacy. It produces more than 350 engine HP and has an incredible range of more than 350 km on a single charge. The e-Tron is a mid-size crossover with excellent interior and exterior aesthetics. The e-Tron is a fast, high-tech car that has a lot to offer. The Audi e-Tron is available as a SUV or Sportback and features traditional Audi styling in a gas-free car. The two electric motors can produce 414 pound-feet of torque and 355 horsepower when combined. The 2022 e-Tron has a 357-kilometer range, while the 2022 e-Tron Sportback has a little lesser 350-kilometer range. It’s a midsize crossover and a quick, high-tech machine that every Canadian driver will fall in love with.

Volkswagen ID.4

Range: Up to 400 km per change

Horse Power: 201 HP

Top Speed: 112 mph

Volkswagen ID.4 is a five-seat electric small SUV from the automaker. The Volkswagen ID.4 is a sporty and practical EV with a long-range, with a range of up to 400km for rear-wheel drive and 386 km for all-wheel drive. It’s a typical small crossover with ample cargo space and backseat room. Compact crossovers are very popular in North America because they offer the body type and size that the majority of people like. The elegant ID.4 is a strong inducement to join the ranks of EV owners, thanks to its low price and familiar interior controls. The Volkswagen ID.4 is predicted to achieve 104 MPGe in the city and 89 MPGe on the highway.

Driving this EV offers top speeds and high torque; nothing feels more incredible. The EV is a compact SUV offering up to 402 km range per single charge on rear-wheel drive. Its sleek design makes it ideal for cruising the roads without worrying about any glitches. Volkswagen has advanced claims that it’ll have to improve its highway and city fuel economy to 89 MPGe and 104 MPGe. It’s an ideal pick for every Canadian driver and will surely delight them behind the wheel.

Tesla Model Y

Range: 520 km per single charge

Horse Power: 480 HP

Top speed: 115 mph

The Tesla Model Y is a tiny, all-electric mid-size SUV with an emissions-free range of up to 525 kilometers. The Standard Range model comes standard with rear-wheel drive, while the Long Range and Performance models come standard with all-wheel drive. The Long Range all-wheel-drive model has a range of 525 kilometers, while the Performance model has a range of 488 kilometers. The Model Y has the same excellent combination of driving performance and comfortable interior design as the Model S; it’s comfortable and practical, and it can be charged at home or at any roadside station.

For every Tesla fan, this car is nothing you should fail to consider as you plan on getting your next electric SUV in Canada. It’s compact and features a comfortable design to make your driving more enjoyable.

Tesla Ontario

Hyundai Ioniq 5

Range: 488 km

Horse Power: 225 HP

Top Speed: 115 mph

The Hyundai Ioniq Electric features a battery pack of 28 kWh and can go 274 kilometers on a single charge. Because it is one of the most affordable electric vehicles on the market, the Hyundai Ioniq Electric is ideal for electric-vehicle buyers who do not want a large driving range.  

The Ioniq 5 is incredibly stylish and offers one of the best ranges per charge, reaching about 488 km. A single charge at 240 volts takes about four hours and has a range of up to 200 kilometers. It’s an extremely affordable but high-value EV option, starting retail at $47,550 in Canada. Its compact design and enviable spacious interior make it an ideal pick that is hard to pass by.


Range: 385 km

Horse Power: 201 HP

Top Speed: 104 mph

Despite its compact load room, the IONIQ 5 is an excellent electric SUV. Thanks to its varied range, which begins at 354 km with the 58-kWh battery and increases to 488 km with the 77.4-Wh battery pack in the Preferred Long Range trim. The lower three trims sprint to 100 km/h in 7.3 to 8.5 seconds, which is normal for trim levels at the bottom of the range. When you upgrade to the 320-horsepower Preferred Long Range AWD variant, the sprint time reduces to 5.1 seconds.

The Hyundai Ioniq Electric is a great family car, short-distance commuter, or all-around hatchback with strong standard driver-assist technologies. It features a battery pack of 28 kWh and can go 274 kilometers on a single charge. It’s ideal for electric-vehicle buyers who don’t require a lengthy driving range. Kia has it on record that it sold a significant number of these vehicles in Canada in 2022, reaching more than 1,203. That’s a vast improvement from last year’s sales, and it’s easy to see why that’s so. This EV has a top speed of 104 mph and an acceleration span of 7.5 seconds to clock 60 mph. Besides, it’s compact, high-tech, and sleek enough to make every Canadian driver cruise the roads in style.


The vast electric vehicle Canada market has been grounded in high-end electric crossovers, SUVs, and sedans. However, the most sought-after models offer the best torques, speeds, and ranges, most of which we’ve been sure to explore in this article. We hope you’ll indulge in one of these high-end EVs for your rides!

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