All You Need to Know About A Lease Buyout

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A lease buyout is in the end or at any point in time in a lease term, you have the option of buying out your leased car at the guaranteed purchase price in your lease. If you are considering buying out of your lease but still have some questions, keep reading this post. Here are things that you should know for a lease buyout.

lease buyout

What is a lease buyout?

There are two kinds of lease buyout: lease-end buyout and early buyout. 

It’s simple if you buy your lease out at lease-end term. It means you just purchase your vehicle at the guaranteed purchase option price from the lease company. An early lease buyout, it’s more complicated than a lease-end buyout since the price will be a combination of the residual value of the car and the amount owing on your lease. If you are thinking about an early lease buyout, you need to first check if your contract allows it and if there are any restrictions. Most lease contracts are open to early buyout, while some don’t. So before you make any moves, read your lease contract carefully to determine if you have any restrictions for an early buyout.

Why buy out your lease?

You may consider a buyout if you want to own your car after the contract is up, or because you like your car and would like to continue to drive it. And sometimes this makes a great used car purchase since you know the car’s conditions and history and you have minimum risks on the uncertainties. Or you may just need to buy out your lease to avoid mileage limit overage charges or penalties on excessive wear and damages. Looking for No-Penalty Lease Buyout in GTA? Zero obligation and no extra fees, transfer your current lease at Carnex

How does a lease buyout work?

If you are buying out your leased vehicle when the lease is up, the price you need to pay will be at the guaranteed purchase option price in your lease term. The guaranteed purchase option price is set at the beginning of the lease and based on the car’s expected residual value at the end of the lease. While you are buying out your lease before the contract is up, the price you need to pay will be recalculated by the lease company. Since the amount will be a combination of the car’s residual value plus the balance in the total lease payment. The recalculation could result in a higher amount since partial of your past lease payments will be credited into finance charges instead of paying down your lease balance.

What factors need to consider before buying out a lease?

There are some factors you need to consider in order to determine if a lease buyout is a good move for your situation:

  • The condition and history of the car
  • The value of the car in its current condition
  • Will you have to pay for mileage overage charges or other penalties
  • How will you pay for the buyout and will it be affordable for you
  • In addition, make sure to compare the cost with leasing a new car or buying a used car, to ensure a lease buyout works the best for you. 

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How to pay for a lease buyout?

If you decide to buy out your lease, you can pay the amount with cash or with financing options. Some lenders can provide auto loans that are able to use for buying out a lease. Make sure to do your search and shop around to locate the best rates and terms for your situation. You can get extra money from your car, try Carnex instant buyout.

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