How to Drive Fast While Remaining Safe

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Drive Fast While Remaining Safe: 5 safety tips to know

Drive Fast While Remaining Safe

Most people don’t associate driving fast with remaining safe. Nonetheless, driving safe at a high speed is possible. Learning how to drive fast isn’t the same thing as driving recklessly. Instead, driving fast can means efficiency and focused.

For the best experience, here are some safety tips that can help you drive fast while remaining safe.

Proper Position

How you should position yourself when you’re driving at high speeds?

Firstly, you should avoid sitting in a non-advantageous position while driving at a high speed. Your seats must be adjusted not just for comfort but also for safety. To make sure your seat is in a safe and comfortable position, pay attention to how difficult it is for your right foot to reach the gas and brake pedal. Your right foot should be able to reach the gas and brake pedal easily while maintaining a proper posture. A proper posture means sitting properly in a car just looks like sitting properly at a desk. Your arms should be able to comfortably reach the steering wheel, and your back should be straight. Slouching is never a good idea since this can be difficult for you to make any micro-movements at high speeds. The perfect seating position is when your feet can easily reach the pedals, your arms are keeping a comfortable length from the steering wheel, and your back is straight.

Be a Smooth Driver

Another important tip to follow when driving quickly is the habit of making smooth movements. When you’re driving, it’s all about tuning into what the vehicle is telling you. By paying attention to the smoothness of the ride, you can easily notice any issues pop up immediately. Then you’ll be able to put yourself in the best position to avoid an accident.

Smooth driving is one of the important principles that allow you to drive fast while remaining safe.

Knowing how to maintain a neutral throttle when driving around a corner is critical. When you move the steering wheel, make a concentrated effort to do it smoothly. You should ease into whatever movement you’re making, and it should flow as if the car like a train on rails.

Don’t rush into driving the car at high speeds, practice being smooth takes time. Thoroughly learn all of the features and functions of the vehicle and practice, then you can maintain smoothness at a high speed.

Steering Wheel Tips

Where should your hands be on the steering wheel when you’re driving at high speeds? It’s recommended that you place your hands at the 9:00 and 3:00 positions. Imagine that you were facing an analog clock, your left hand should take the position of the number 9, and your right hand should take the position of the number 3.

For everyday driving at a normal speed, 10:00 and 2:00 are the proper hand positions for driving. However, when you’re driving at fast speeds, the 9:00 and 3:00 position is a power position since it allows you to steer the wheel with more force.

Drive Fast While Remaining Safe

Clear-Minded Driving

You should never drive at fast speeds while you’re emotional. Emotional driving is a type of distracted driving. At a high speed, just in a fraction of a second, you could lose control of the vehicle with distractions. You should drive at a normal speed or not to drive if you are feeling emotional or tired. It’s also never okay to drive fast after drinking alcohol, even if your blood alcohol limit is at the legal limit.

Only drive when you have a clear mind is the most important safety rule that you should keep in mind.

Stay focus

It’s normal you get the rush to drive fast while the music is on and you hear your favorite song. However, loud music could not only decrease your ability to focus, but also it can prevent you from hearing important notes of sound at a high speed on the road.

Turn off the music and stay looking ahead can help you focus on the road. Look as far as possible when fast driving and plan your turns in advance.

Stick to Highways

If you feel fairly confident about your driving skills and comfortable driving your car fast on the road, we suggest avoiding the busy city streets where traffics are imminent.

Fast cars are built for the purpose of driving fast on long roads, as they change gears quickly. In the tight corners and busy streets, it can be dangerous if you’re speeding up and changing gears to a point where you have to downshift again in just a matter of seconds.

Drive on the highways or open tracks instead allows you have lots of room to spare and play around.

Now you know how to drive fast and stay safe, do practice these car safety tips in your fast driving.

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