Used Electric Vehicle: Things to Know Before You Buy

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If you’re looking to buy a used electric vechicle, you’re in luck. The market for used EVs is growing rapidly, and there are plenty of great deals to be found. However, buying a used EV is not the same as buying a used gasoline car. Battery health, charging infrastructure, and incentives are all important factors to consider before you buy a used electric vehicle. 


Buying a used EV can be a first step in exploring the world of electric vehicles. However, it’s important to check everything out. Here’s the guide that will show you everything you need to know to make an informed decision when purchasing a used EV.

Why Buy a Used Electric Vehicle?

Before we dive into the details of buying an EV, let’s first discuss the many benefits of owning one. Buying used is an excellent way to become familiar with electric vehicles. EVs offer several advantages over traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, there are several reasons why buying a used EV can be a great choice:


  • Lower price: Used EVs are often significantly cheaper than new ones, making them more accessible to a wider range of buyers.
  • Lower operating costs: EVs are cheaper to fuel and maintain than gasoline cars.
  • Environmental benefits: EVs produce fewer emissions and help reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. By buying a used EV, you’re helping to reduce emissions and support sustainable transportation.
  • Lower depreciation: EVs tend to depreciate more slowly than gasoline cars, meaning you can recoup more of your investment if you decide to sell it later.
  • Improved technology: Buying a used EV means you can enjoy the benefits of advanced EV technology without paying the high price of a new model.
  • Technology: EVs come with advanced features like regenerative braking, remote charging, and smart connectivity.
  • Convenience: EVs can be charged at home, work, or public charging stations, and they require less frequent maintenance.


Types of Electric Vehicles

There are three main types of EVs on the market: battery electric vehicles (BEVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). Here’s a brief overview of each type:


  • BEVs: These vehicles are powered solely by a battery and have no gasoline engine. They offer the longest electric range but require more frequent charging.
  • PHEVs: These vehicles have a battery and a gasoline engine. They can run on electric power alone for a limited range and then switch to gasoline power.
  • HEVs: These vehicles have a gasoline engine and a smaller battery. The battery is charged through regenerative braking and assists the gasoline engine when needed.


Used Electric Vehicle

Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Electric Vehicle

EVs are generally more reliable than their gasoline counterparts because they have fewer moving parts. However, keep an eye out for EVs. Here are some key factors to keep in mind when shopping for a used EV:


  • Battery health: The battery is one of the most important components of an EV, and its health can impact the vehicle’s range and performance. Be sure to check the battery’s health and remaining capacity before buying a used EV.
  • Charging infrastructure: EVs require charging stations to recharge their batteries. Be sure to research the availability of charging stations in your area and along your usual driving routes.
  • Incentives: The Canadian and provincial governments offer incentives for buying new EV’s as well as used electric vehicle, other than EV rebates, some provincial governments also offer incentives for EV charger installation. Be sure to check what incentives are available in your area before making a purchase.
  • Maintenance history: Like any car, EVs require regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Check the vehicle’s maintenance history to ensure it has been well-maintained.
  • Range: Be sure to consider the vehicle’s range and whether it meets your driving needs. Some older EV models may have a shorter range than newer ones, so be sure to research the specific model you’re interested in.


Where to Find Used Electric Vehicle

There are several places to buy used EVs, including:


  • EV Dealerships: Many new car dealerships also sell used EVs. Check with local dealerships to see what used EVs they have in stock.
  • Private sellers: You can also find used EVs for sale by private sellers on websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.


There are more and more used electric vehicles available in the used car market. Buying an EV privately can be worth looking into. The owner is familiar with their vehicle’s history and can provide proof of maintenance. 


While EV dealerships are experts in electric vehicles, they also provide a variety of services that traditional car dealerships do not. These specialized EV dealerships have knowledgeable staff who are experts in EVs and can help consumers make informed decisions when buying an EV. They can provide information on the different types of EVs available, their features, and their range. They can also answer questions about charging, maintenance, and incentives available to EV owners. EV dealerships also offer a range of financing options, including leases and loans, to help make EVs more affordable for consumers. 

At Carnex, we are committed to helping you make the best decisions when it comes to buying electric vehicles (EVs). We understand that the transition to EVs can be daunting, especially if you are new to the technology. That’s why we have put together this comprehensive guide to help you navigate the process with confidence.


Choosing the Right Used Electric Vehicle

Unless you choose a plug-in hybrid that is also powered by gas, making the first switch to an EV necessitates a lifestyle change with a few factors to consider. When it comes to choosing the right EV, there are several factors to consider, including:


  • Range: While range is a concern for EV, going the distance is constantly being built into new EVs with extended range. However, if you’re looking for a used EV, you should consider range. Some used EVs have ranges as low as 150 KM. How far do you need to drive on a daily basis? So you must ask yourself if you would be able to use a car that can only travel 150 KM at a time. It’s recommended that to do some research on your part to determine how much range you will realistically require and which used EVs can provide that range. Make sure the EV you choose has enough range to meet your needs.
  • Charging: Another consideration is where to charge your electric vehicle. Do you have a garage where you can charge your car when you’re not at home? Can you charge using a standard outlet, or will you need to install a faster Level 2 charger? Do you have access to a home or public charging station? Consider the type and speed of charging available.
  • Cost: EVs can be more expensive than gasoline cars in term of sticker price, but they also offer long-term savings on fuel and maintenance. Consider your budget and the available incentives for used electric vehicle in your location.
  • Features: Do you need advanced features like adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, or a panoramic sunroof? Consider the available options since their impact on the cost for a used electric vehicle.


Tips for Buying a Used Electric Car

Here are some tips to help you make a smart and informed decision when buying a used EV:


  • Research: Do your homework before visiting an EV dealership and making a purchase. Research the specific model you’re interested in; look up reviews, specs, and pricing online.
  • Check the battery: The battery is an essential component of an EV. Long-term use of lithium ion batteries is well known to degrade over time, as the battery in your smartphone. Battery degradation is also accelerated by poor battery quality, constant fast-charging, and total battery discharge. Knowing as much as you can about the battery health will help you determine the actual range, charging speed, and durability.
  • Examine the remaining warranty: The electric or hybrid drive system is typically covered by an eight-year, 160,000 km warranty. The high-voltage battery has better coverage than the average for gas-powered vehicles, but the warranty length varies more. Is the electric vehicle you’re considering still under warranty? How much time do you have left?
  • Test drive: Schedule a test drive to get a feel for the vehicle’s performance and range. Put the car through its paces on the road, so you can evaluate whether the interior, driving position, cargo space, and handling of the vehicle are appropriate for your driving habits.
  • Be sure to check the vehicle’s maintenance history, battery health, and remaining capacity for the EV you are purchasing.
  • EV charging: Make sure you have a plan for where and how you will charge your EV. Also, make sure all charging accessories are included when you buying a used electric vechile as they can be expensive if you need to buy new.


Between the affordable purchase price and the amount you’ll save on gas by switching to electric, a used EV offers a pretty compelling value proposition. Electric vehicles are the future of transportation, and we are excited to help you join the movement. By following the tips and information provided in this guide, you can make an informed decision when buying an EV and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer. Contact Carnex now for more information and assistance with your used EV purchase.

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