Tesla Cybertruck: A Buyer’s Guide for Canadians

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Tesla Cybertruck: A Buyer’s Guide for Canadians


The Tesla Cybertruck is a much-awaited EV that was announced in November 2019. This is a pick-up truck that will round out the expected Tesla lineup and one of the most anticipated products in history. 


Elon Musk has been drumming up interest in this future electric truck for years, the Cybertruck is still lacking from the electric pickup truck category for Tesla, while Rivian and Ford have had the market to themselves in its absence. The raises the questions of when the Cybertruck will hit the market, how much it will cost, and how it will compare to a growing number of capable competitors. 


Let’s explore a thorough buyer’s guide in this blog if you are a Canadian car buyer looking to purchase a Tesla Cyber-truck. So you can determine if it’s a good alternative for you after reading all the information provided here.



Tesla Cybertruck


Design and Interior 

The Tesla Cybertruck’s design deviates significantly from that of traditional pickup trucks. It has an angular, futuristic, and unabashedly bold look. This design exemplifies Tesla’s proclivity for pushing the boundaries of standard vehicle appearance. The body of the Cybertruck is made of cold-rolled stainless steel, which produces a unique exoskeleton structure that not only adds to the vehicle’s remarkable look but also offers outstanding longevity.


One of the most noticeable aspects of Tesla Cybertruck’s design is its exoskeleton. It not only adds to its unusual look, but it also serves a useful purpose. Stainless steel is well-known for its toughness and corrosion resistance, making it a good option for a vehicle designed to withstand rough terrain and possibly severe weather conditions. The exoskeleton also eliminates the need for a separate frame, which improves structural integrity and ease of production.


Like previous Tesla automobiles, Tesla Cybertruck’s interior has a minimalistic design aesthetic. Instead of using conventional buttons and knobs for controls and infotainment, it has a large central touchscreen. The futuristic aspect of the car is complemented by the Spartan’s interior design, which gives it a unified, contemporary look.


It is also logical to presume that the Cybertruck will feature a variety of seating options given that the Tesla Model X and Model Y have. It will probably be offered as a six-seat pickup truck with the option to add another five seats as standard.

Tesla Cybertruck

Power and Performance

When the truck was first shown, Tesla claimed previously unheard-of Cybertruck specifications, with performance ratings on par with those of high-performance EV vehicles. The Cybertruck was expected to tow enormous loads while offering a remarkable payload capacity, as well as deliver jaw-dropping numbers that could compete with Ferraris and Lamborghinis. 


Tesla Cybertruck even had a specially created ATV (dubbed the Cyberquad) that could be charged directly from the bed of the electric pickup truck. 3,500 lbs of payload capacity and more than 14,000 lbs of towing capability are promised by Tesla. These are amazing stats for any car, but when you realize that the Cybertruck is also expected to reach 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, they become even more astounding. Even the slowest model, the Single Motor, takes only 6.5 seconds to accelerate from a complete stop to 100 km/h. With a predicted sprint time of just 2.9 seconds, the Tri-Motor will be a jet.


Range and Charging

There aren’t many details but according to Tesla’s website, the Cybertruck will have an all-electric driving range of “up to 800 km.” Once production is up and running, Tesla stated it would offer four different Tesla Cybertruck models, giving us a variety of battery and powerplant choices. The Tesla Cybertruck should have a driving range that starts at roughly 400 km and ends at about 800 km.


In terms of charging the Cybertruck, installing a level 2 charger in your house will be an alternative for overnight charging. When travelling, you can select from a variety of public chargers across Canada or Tesla Supercharger. 


Given its enormous estimated range, Tesla Cybertruck will have a new battery, and the precise charging timeframes will vary by battery size. The 4680 battery cells that were first used in the newly upgraded Model Y SUV and are said to be able to produce six times as much power with five times as much energy capacity will be used in the Cybertruck while costing less. It appears that an 800-volt system is being examined to improve charging capabilities. The truck’s projected 200 kWh battery will require fast charging. 


Pricing and Models

Tesla released four versions of the Cybertruck in September 2021: Single Motor RWD, Dual Motor AWD, Tri Motor AWD, and Quad Motor AWD. Pricing for Cybertruck models are subject to change based on the model chosen and any future updates. The US pricing scheme looked like this in November 2019: 


Single Motor RWD: $39,900 USD

Dual Motor AWD: $49,900 USD

Tri-Motor AWD: $69,900 USD

Quad Motor AWD: Not Available


At the moment, it is rumoured that the Tesla Cybertruck will cost around $55,000 to $100,000 CAD for the base model in Canada and that currently, it is only available for pre-order. The future EV pickup truck’s dual-motor variant costs $60,000. The most costly Cybertruck (the tri-motor type) was going to set you back $80,000 in Canada. Furthermore, even though the projected quad-motor AWD version US’s price has not yet been disclosed, we estimate it to easily reach and above $125,000 CDN. All of the costs are prior to any Federal or provincial EV incentives and rebates.


Additionally, there isn’t any information about potential add-ons and options that a potential buyer could get. If you want to order a Tesla Cybertruck there is an upfront fee of 150$ so that you can be placed in line for an eventual allocation. This vehicle looks to be priced between the Tesla Model Y and the Model S and will fill in the missing gap of an EV pickup truck. It’s recommend to check the Tesla website for the most up-to-date pricing information, as well as any potential discounts or incentives for Canadian purchasers. 


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Other Considerations


EV Incentives in Canada

The Canadian government and various provinces provided incentives and rebates to buyers of electric vehicles. These incentives can vary, but they can drastically lower your Cybertruck’s final cost. The eligibility mainly depends on whether Tesla Cybertruck’s price will be low enough to qualify for any federal or provincial incentives.


Charging infrastructure in Canada

Although EV charging infrastructure in Canada is fast increasing, it is critical to ensure that you have access to charging choices, especially if you want to use the Cybertruck for lengthy travels. It is important to review the charging infrastructure available from your surroundings. It is more important if you are going to use the Cybertruck off-roading or in worksites away from places that are often frequented. Usually, however, if you are using the Cybertruck within cities or on major Canadian motorways, you should be able to find a charging station along your journey. 


Winter conditions in Canada

Like any EV, operating in the winter can be more difficult and energy-demanding than driving an ICE car. However, the Cybertruck being a full-on pickup truck with wheels that can handle any terrain and weather should not be too much of a problem to drive in the snow and the cold. The frigid winters in Canada may have an impact on EV performance and range. The Cybertruck is built to withstand a variety of weather situations, but it’s important to remember that excessively low temperatures might reduce battery range.


Cybertruck vs Rivian R1T

The Rivian R1T is a vehicle that delivers on many of the promises made by the Cybertruck, and it is already for sale. Although the R1T has stolen some of the Cybertruck’s thunder, the buzz around the Cybertruck remains tremendous. The Cybertruck, according to Elon Musk, is unlike any other vehicle, and this isn’t just Tesla marketing. Because of its uniqueness, the Cybertruck is impossible to compare to anything, even the R1T.


The Rivian can pull up to 11,000 pounds. It can also reach 60 mph in 3 seconds. Both of these numbers elicit the same kind of astonishment as the original Cybertruck specs. Tesla’s Cybertruck promised insane figures combined with incredible usability, but Rivian was the first to deliver all of that in a truck.


When the Cybertruck reaches the market, it must demonstrate that it can surpass the versatile Rivian truck. This is a task Tesla will very certainly be able to handle, particularly given the performance EV experience Tesla has amassed with its Plaid versions of the Model X and Model S.


When it comes to bed length, the Cybertruck already has the R1T beat. The Rivian’s 4.5-foot-long bed is little in comparison to the Tesla’s bed, which is slated to be more than 6-foot-long. In the world of pickup trucks, bed size is critical, and the Cybertruck has the edge.  The Tesla truck will also have rear-wheel steering, something the R1T does not have.


One area where the R1T will undoubtedly outperform the Cybertruck is its front trunk, whichis not exactly spacious, based on the leaked footage of the Cybertruck’s frunk. Another noteworthy Cybertruck fact (if you believe Elon Musk) is that the vehicle is waterproof enough to be used as a watercraft for short periods. This is not something we would advocate attempting with your Cybertruck.


Tesla has said that the Cybertruck will be available with a quad-motor layout rather than the tri-motor configuration that the firm previously stated would be available in the top variant. This is most likely in reaction to the Rivian R1T’s quad-motor AWD. The Cybertruck’s 4680 battery cells are 10% more energy-dense than those already in production, demonstrating that Tesla is serious about every aspect of the Cybertruck’s development.


After many years of waiting, we will soon have the Tesla Cybertruck in Canada. The Cybertruck is one of the most anticipated vehicles in history and a good alternative for Canadians looking for an electric pickup truck. Hopefully, Tesla will be able to promote this distinctive but exceptionally capable vehicle and add it to the long list of reasons why people are falling in love with Tesla. As long as you are not in a hurry to get a new pickup truck this EV might be the right one for you. Stay up-to-date on the newest cost, availability, and any information that may come from Tesla.


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