The pros and cons of buying a used vehicle online

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Buying a used vehicle online is becoming more and more common practice in many countries as the development of technology has eased the transition into online points of sales and greatly facilitated and expanded the market of used vehicles that are now available for purchase at one’s disposition. However, there is still some uncertainty about the online car-buying experience, leading some Canadian car shoppers to stick with traditional brick-and-mortar dealerships.

Now we come to the question, which is better then? Shopping for a used vehicle online or at a dealership? 

In this article, we will be comparing the pros and cons of purchasing a used vehicle online compared to buying a used car from a traditional dealership.

Pros of buying a used vehicle online

Pro: Wide variety of options

There is no need for a sizable showroom and customer area taking up valuable space since online used vehicle dealers don’t have to worry about people stopping by the dealership. This means that online dealerships can mainly focus on acquiring even more used vehicles for people to buy online and provide a wider range of vehicles for car buyers to browse from and meet their needs.

Pro: No stress or obligation to purchase a vehicle

Some people may feel pressured into purchasing a car they don’t necessarily adore if a used car salesperson follows them around a dealership. This is a natural reaction that some auto consumers have, even though most car salespeople genuinely have their customers’ best interests in mind. When you are shopping alone in the comfort of your house, browsing the used car inventory of dealerships online. The stress-free environment helps a car buyer make a more clear and justified decision than when they may feel rushed into the process of buying a used car.

Pro: Streamlined and efficient process

People have become accustomed to doing other things online as the work-from-home future takes hold and more and more workers conduct their business online. ordering groceries, buying clothes, or even buying large household appliances. So, it makes sense that purchasing a used car would also go digital. And it’s obvious how convenient internet car shopping is: customers can shop in comfort from their living room, office, kitchen table, or even a coffee shop to purchase the used car of their desires. It’s not just about saving time, gas, or trips to multiple dealerships, either. Shopping online also allows you to make a relaxed and informed decision because you can perform all your research in your own time.

Once you have chosen the vehicle you want to purchase, the delivery process is as simple as waiting for your car to be delivered to your driveway from the dealership. Buying a used vehicle online in Canada is quite simple and time efficient compared to going to the dealership a few times to shop and inspect before purchasing.

buying a used electric online

Cons of buying a used vehicle online

Con: You cannot inspect the vehicles physically

Maybe one disadvantage of internet car shopping is that you can’t see the car and all its flaws. People may become uneasy as a result, fearing that when they eventually acquire their new car, hidden flaws will manifest.  Before buying a used vehicle, you usually want to inspect the vehicle to make sure that there isn’t any major damage or problems present. Furthermore, the car being used can prove to have some quality issues down the road or some part failures. Nowadays, most used car dealerships offer long and detailed mechanic reports and vehicle history to compensate for the fact that the prospective buyer cannot physically inspect the vehicle beforehand.

If you’re looking for a quality used vehicle at a reasonable price and with a worry-free purchasing process, you have come to the right place. Carnex allows you to purchase your vehicle without ever setting foot in a showroom. You can complete the purchase paperwork and arrange financing 100% online with Carnex.


Con: You may not be able to test drive the used vehicle

A significant portion of the process of purchasing a used car is the test drive. To make sure there are no lingering problems and that it operates as you anticipate, you should observe how the car operates. You cannot test-drive a car before making a purchase with an online auto dealer.

The test drive is a significant part of the used automobile buying process. You should watch how the car runs to ensure there are no residual issues and that it performs as you anticipate. Buying a used vehicle online, you might not have the chance to test-drive a car before making a purchase. However, most online dealers now offer test-drive by simply booking an appointment on their website. It’s suggested that you always take a test-drive before making the purchase.

Con: Pricing

Some people pride themselves on being great hagglers, negotiators, and bargainers who can pressure dealerships into lowering their costs. Since there isn’t a salesperson to bargain with, buying a car online might not sound all that enticing to this person. Therefore, when buying a used car online in Canada, the price you pay for the used car might not be flexible and you won’t have any opportunity to negotiate the price. There might not be any hidden vehicle dealership fees, but you need to bear the shipping charges and other expenses associated with the car’s cost.

Furthermore, when buying a used vehicle, some people want to do a trade-in with their previous vehicles. Sometimes, the trade in value may be reduced since there was no in person verification to truly assert the value of the car. When you visit a used car dealership, the salesperson will quickly take your trade-in vehicle away for a thorough check before making you a solid offer. As a result, you can be assured that the offer is reasonable and in keeping with the market as a result. However, this type of upfront assessment is not available when purchasing a used vehicle online. That’s why a lot of online merchants will present you with a conditional offer that they might revise following a physical inspection.

In conclusion, buying a used vehicle online in Canada simply comes down to your personal preference. Buying used vehicles online is usually more stress-free and relaxing and offers a simpler and more user-friendly approach to browsing vehicles and then purchasing one without ever leaving the comfort of your house. However, for people that don’t mind the hassle and effort needed to shop around in person, shopping in person can offer you more piece of mind by allowing you to inspect the car yourself and take the used car you are interested in for a test drive. Those are the perks you don’t have when buying a used car online. Furthermore, buying a used car in-person can allow you to negotiate the price, and you might be able to decrease the sticker price further.

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