5 Hidden Costs of a Luxury Car

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5 Hidden Costs of a Luxury Car

Maybe you’ve been driving economy cars for years, and now you will treat yourself to your first luxury vehicle. And wonder what could be the Hidden Costs of having a Luxury Car?

The prices related to buying an expensive Luxury car won’t just stop after you purchase it. There are all kinds of hidden and continuous costs related to high-end vehicles that car owner should take into consideration.

Whether a car, coupe or crossover, whether new or pre-owned. Those who new to luxury car should consider some points before making their decision. Make sure that they can afford that new BMW, Mercedes, or Volvo. Because the costs to stay it ticking and during a state of reserve resale value.

Here are a number of the most common costs related to luxury cars. 

Hidden Costs of a Luxury Car: Tires

Car tires are just like erasers; they wear out a bit whenever you use them. Are luxury car tires more expensive than economy car tires? Maybe so. Note that economy cars usually use small wheels and could only require cheap tires. Luxury vehicles use much larger wheels so as to adequately provide some approximation of excellent mileage, and support the load of a well-built frame. Many of the luxury model wears a group of great-big wheels that provides it better handling or perhaps just enhanced visual presence on the road. Those big wheels come wrapped in big and potentially pricey tires.
It’s better to find out the replacement tire costs before you purchase. Relative to the tire and wheel size of the vehicle you’re considering will help prevent unpleasant surprises.

PRO TIP: When replacing tires on your luxury vehicle, and particularly a sportier luxury vehicle. Buying a quality set of tires from a reputable brand is very advised.

Spare Parts

You’ll be paying more for luxury replacement parts. Everything from the gearstick to the seat covers could cost more for high-end vehicles.  It’s because they’re typically made from very high-quality materials. For really high-end vehicles, there just aren’t many spare parts on the market. For example, to find spare parts for are Mercedes Benz and BMW. You may not able to find many spare Rolls Royce phantom parts on the marketplace for reasonable prices. Be prepared to spend a fairly amount of cash on spare parts – or better still, claim on insurance when things fail. The rarer your car is, the more chance you could spend on replacement parts.


Hidden Costs of a Luxury Car

Numerous factors affect what a driver can pay for insurance; therefore, the vehicle they choose is an important one of those factors. Luxury cars are typically very expensive to insure. The rationale is simple: the more luxurious a car is, the more the car owner will need to claim on their insurance if they have to repair it. Luxury automobile insurance is additionally relatively dependent upon location as well. The more dangerous a neighborhood is, the more likely that luxury cars are going to be broken into. This suggests that insurance prices will rise correspondingly. Going with an area insurer may be a good way of finding appropriate pricing in your area. For automobile insurance, shoppers are best to possess their broker to shop around in the market for the lowest rate and coverage.

PRO TIP: When buying insurance, do your homework and read through the fine print, particularly when it involves deductibles.

Some “do-it-yourself quotes” look better, but you need to see the coverages and deductible amounts.


Luxurious cars are usually pretty heavy although it isn’t always the case. Some luxury sports cars are remarkably light. But in general, expensive cars are heavy and have large powerful engines. Fuel prices are getting to be high if you would like to use an expensive car. 

Many luxury cars run higher-performing or turbocharged engines. These often require high-octane premium fuel to try to perform their best work. Though electronic controls mean you’ll run regular gasoline without risk. Feeding a high-octane engine a low-octane fuel will reduce performance and may even decrease fuel economy.

Not all luxury cars require premium-grade gasoline, however. Do your homework first, and remember of which grade of fuel you should use to feed your ride for minimized headaches and surprises. One way to avoid this expense is to get an electrical vehicle or a hybrid luxury car. An increasing number of high-end electric vehicles are being sold, including very capable and cozy examples from Tesla and BMW.

PRO TIP: While luxury car you purchase is within its warranty period. Make sure proper and continual maintenance is essential to maintaining that warranty in good standing. The warranty doesn’t cover damage or wear that happen as a results of failure to take care of the vehicle properly. For instant, fuel your luxury vehicle as required in it’s user’s manual. A guaranty may be a two-way agreement: your side of that agreement is to take care of the vehicle as outlined within the service schedule of the owner’s manual.

Some high-end features cost in the long run

Luxury cars built-in high-end features like power trunks and tailgates, performance lighting provisions, around-view camera parking systems, radar-powered hazard-detection technologies, complex central command interfaces, adaptive suspension, panoramic sunroofs, and more.

Millions of car owners enjoy high-end features like these on the daily without issue. However, other repair expensive may incur to maintain or repair parts associated with these systems once they eventually wear out and fail. Weigh your need for high-end optional equipment against the potential costs of replacement or repair.

For instance, it’s advised that shoppers to avoid vehicles with features like air suspension and panoramic sunroofs. Both can cause headaches and potentially expensive repair bills while the vehicle ages.

PRO TIP: Consider extended warranty coverage that specifically covers high-tech features, if it’s within your budget. In addition, make sure the used vehicle you’re considering has all software updates installed. It may help to avoid potential trouble. A battery check is also very advised before you purchase a second hand luxury car. Remember that a healthy battery, and charging system are vital to the trouble-free operation of all of the high-tech goodies in your ride.
Finally, consider a full Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) during a dealer setting for any used luxury vehicle you’re considering. for several shoppers, the peace of mind is well worth the relatively small cost of getting the vehicle assessed by professional  before purchase.

Hidden Costs of a Luxury Car in Canada

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