How to purchase a used Tesla Model 3 in Canada in 2022? 

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For good reasons, the Tesla Model 3 has become one of the most popular and best-selling electric vehicles in Canada. Tesla has been the trailblazer for selling electric vehicles since 2012 in large quantities and now produces a huge part of the EV market. For years, Tesla has proven their success in the EV industry while they kept innovating throughout the years on their EVs. On the other hand, the prices for brand-new Tesla vehicles have been increasing year over year. Although the brand has a sizable fan base, most customers only see the expensive Model S and Model X as eye candy. Today, Tesla makes its superior technology and exceptional performance available to the public with the far more affordable Model Y and Model 3.

However, buying into the brand-new Tesla market might still be too expensive, even at the baseline model 3 and model Y compared to the EVs from the other brands. However, buying a used Model 3, the Tesla model that began production in 2018, can prove to be a good deal for purchasing a relatively new Tesla that pretty much has all the same performance and features as the newer Tesla EVs.

So now we have come to the question, how to purchase a used Tesla Model 3 in Canada in 2022? Although finding a good deal on a used Tesla Model 3 might not be an easy task for everyone, we’ll go over some useful tips in the blog which can help you get through the process smoothly. 

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 has gained a lot of popularity because of its roomy cabin, seating 5 people and still having plenty of cargo space, quick 0-100 km/h time, and attention-grabbing exterior. Not to mention its dual-motor all-wheel-drive variations, which can reach 100 kph in as little as 3.3 seconds and have a driving range of up to 568 kilometres. The Tesla Model 3 is the most affordable EV from Tesla but offers the same performance as other Tesla models, quality and technology wise as the higher-end models.

Tesla Model 3

Inspecting a used Tesla Model 3

If you are buying a used Tesla Model 3 from the owner, you may try to schedule an inspection at the seller’s home, place of business, or regular storage location for the vehicle. The main reason we advise you to do this is so you can learn where and how the EV has been kept in storage. 

The weather is another item you should consider. You might want to reschedule on a day when it won’t be raining if there is water on the used electric vehicle, or you might want to return for another look. Water may hide a variety of bodywork/paint flaws, from retouching to faults with factory paint and more. If the car has water on it, take precautions because these issues could be costly to fix. This also holds true for freshly washed cars. Be cautious of any potential bodywork problems if the vendor or owner washes the used Model 3 right before you arrive and it has not dried. 

When checking a used Tesla Model 3, keep in mind that a seller may occasionally even wash a car to conceal problems with the bodywork or other components of the automobile. The final piece of advice is to bring a friend or assistant. They can also share their thoughts on the used Tesla Model 3 you’re interested in, which may help them notice something you missed during the inspection.

However, if you can’t physically inspect the used Tesla model 3, there are other alternatives to assure the quality and condition of the used Tesla. Of course, we always advise that you try to physically inspect any used automobile before buying it or hire a trustworthy third party to do it for you. Purchasing a used Model 3 based solely on the seller’s or owner’s photographs and descriptions exposes you to a great deal of risk and the potential for unpleasant surprises. This rule only really has an exception if you purchase a used Model 3 from a reputable Tesla dealer who has given the vehicle a high rating or if you are buying it directly from a Tesla CPO.

Buying from the Tesla Certified Pre-Owned program is a much different experience than buying used electric vehicles from other brands. Firstly, buying used inventory is quite difficult as Tesla CPO (Certified Pre-owned) usually has low or no stock in Canada, and furthermore, the used electric vehicles on sale on the Tesla website might not necessarily meet the configurations and the necessities you need. Furthermore, the remaining 4 years or 80,000 km of the Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty apply to used Tesla vehicles. As a result, if you buy a Model 3 that is under 4 years old or has fewer than 80,000 kilometres on it, it should still be covered by the guarantee because it is attached to the vehicle and not the owner. If the used vehicle limited warranty has run out, Tesla offers an extended Used Vehicle Limited Warranty. From the date of delivery, this extended warranty offers an additional year’s worth of coverage or 16,000 kilometres.

Battery life of a used Tesla Model 3

When buying a used Tesla Model 3, your main concerns will be the battery’s health and degeneration. There aren’t any concrete estimates for battery degradation on a Model 3, but the data shows that 5% every 80,000 km is a generally accepted rate. Some Telsa owners appear to endure only 2 to 3 per cent degradation, whilst others have up to a 10 per cent degradation rate. Furthermore, by avoiding overcharging and avoiding letting the battery level drop to extremely low percentages, battery degeneration can be slowed. That suggests the owners likely care a great deal about their Teslas, and the EVs are kept and stored well. Remember to inquire about the owner’s charging habits and observe if they adhere to this advice.

Lastly, ask the owner for documentation of the current range of the used Model 3 you are considering. The battery range could vary by the weather and the driver’s driving style. It’s suggested that you take the Tesla Model 3 you are purchasing for a test drive. If you are unable to do so, you may ask the owner to send you a picture of the range after a full charge of 100%, or go to a supercharging station with the owner and wait for the battery to reach 100% and check out what the battery range really looks like.

The price range for a used Tesla Model 3 in Canada

Depending on the model year and options, the cost of a used Tesla Model 3 from a dealership varies significantly. Prices for the Model 3 Standard Range Plus with rear-wheel drive start at just under $38,000 and go up to roughly $69,600 for the Model 3 Performance with all-wheel drive in 2021. 

While the price doesn’t necessarily factor in the features or the usage of the EV, you may find that some used Teslas are weaker deals than those at a higher price because of the number of features offered in the used Tesla Model 3. Therefore, it is quite important to know the MSRP price of the features on the EVs, so you can compare it with other used Tesla model 3s with similar specifications and figure out the best deal that is available for you.

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