Buying a used Tesla? Are there electric vehicles worth your money

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When you think about electric vehicles, you think about Tesla, the car company that has almost become synonymous with the concept of driving fully electric. Tesla offers a wide variety of quality and performant electric vehicles inside a wide price range.

You might however look at the current Tesla lineup and realize that the car manufacturer is not necessarily offering affordable cars anymore in the lower price ranges. Therefore, people are turning towards a used Tesla, as these used electric vehicles offer the same capabilities as brand-new Tesla cars for a fraction of the price.

In this article, we will review the main pros and cons of buying a used Tesla as well as compare the different models that are available to purchase and their differences and similarities.

What are the Pros of buying a used Tesla?

The major reason for purchasing a used electric vehicle is to save money. After all, if you can get a brand-new car for the same price as a used car, why would you want to buy one with some miles on it? Any used vehicle should be substantially cheaper; thus, this might be a perfect loophole for individuals who are yearning to get behind the wheel of a Tesla but lack the financial means to do so at full price. However, one must be diligent when shopping for a used Tesla and look for a good price as the markets for used electric vehicles could be inflated.

When buying a used Tesla, you can rest assured of the quality of the EV. Compared to other used electric vehicles on the market, Tesla’s used electric vehicles have stood the test of time and run efficiently and require little maintenance if they were properly cared for during their lifetime. Furthermore, used Tesla still receives software updates from the manufacturer and can improve itself over time and become more efficient and receive better features as software improves.

Finally, a used Tesla can maintain a good resale value because Tesla is such a popular brand that has gotten people talking. There will always be a market for someone looking for a used electric vehicle. That implies that if you buy a used Tesla and don’t like it, you’ll probably be able to sell it for a similar price right away, because of how popular the used electric vehicles are right now. Eventually, a used Tesla can also retain more value than most the used electric vehicles from other brands; therefore, it can also save you money eventually when reselling.

Used Tesla

What are the Cons of buying a used Tesla?

Even if you are trying to save money buying a used Tesla, you may not get the best deal because a used Tesla can retain plenty of its value compared to other used electric vehicles. You may therefore pay a premium for the brand of the used electric vehicle as used Tesla are so popular in the used EV market.

Secondly, when you buy a used Tesla, you need to search for the features you want since they are not custom-made from the factory and fit your specifications. Finding the perfect used vehicle for you might be difficult as some used electric vehicles may come with more features than you need but at a higher price than your set budget and other used Teslas may have fewer features than what you desire but be within your budget range. Therefore, finding the perfect used electric vehicle can be a struggle.

Battery life is a key component of used electric vehicles and used Teslas are no exception. Especially in cold winter conditions here in Canada, since the cold temperatures can cause further battery damage than in other locations where the climate is different and tamer and more optimal. Searching for a used Tesla with good battery life is essential for saving money in the future. As repairs may be needed and will be essential for allowing proper functionality in all dimensions of the EV.

What are the differences between Tesla models?

Model S

The Tesla Model S is a battery-powered liftback electric vehicle serving as the flagship model of Tesla. The Model S features a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive layout, although earlier versions of the Model S featured a rear-motor and rear-wheel-drive layout. It is considered a luxurious sedan boasting the longest range available out of the four cars with around 650 kilometres of range as well as the top performance. Model S is the earliest production model made by Tesla and offers comfort, performance, luxury, reliability, and style at the compromise of price. This electric vehicle is meant for people looking to have a daily driver that can perform and look stunning as well as turn heads when driving.

Model 3

The Model 3 can be seen as an economic sedan that is like the little brother of the Model S. If you need a daily commuter or a car to run some basic errands, the model 3 offers a bit less storage than the model S but plenty for everyday use. Tesla Model 3 offers a very sufficient range even in its lowest configuration with 437 kilometres (approx.) of range in optimal conditions. You get luxury and performance just like the model S for just a fraction of the price. This EV is meant for people looking to enter the electric vehicle market and need a sedan for a price that won’t break the bank.

Model X

The model X is the top-of-the-line SUV offered by Tesla. You can find inside a spacious interior with plenty of space for your passengers as well as the cargo you need to transport. The model X has an estimated range of 560 km in optimal conditions and is perfect for road trips and long-distance commutes. The car offers a wide variety of features as well as technology such as the falcon doors. The model Y is made for holding plenty of stuff or people all while having a luxurious flair and performing absurdly well for a 7-person SUV. This vehicle fits perfectly for families that have a constant need for a lot of space for whatever it may be, or for individuals that require the large storage space and the performance of the Tesla to complete their tasks.

Model Y

The model Y is a more compact SUV offered by Tesla meant to offer a cheaper alternative to people needing a reliable and performant electric SUV but that cannot casually dish out 130k for the model X. This SUV also has a lot of storage capacity but less than the Model X and has similar features to the model X. The model Y long-range variant offers 7 seats like the model X and has an impressive 531km estimated range. Furthermore, the model Y also has a performance model for people looking for fewer seats and more power and performance. The performance model also has a reduced estimated range of 487 km.

Tesla offers top-of-the-line models like the S and X for those who desire the best luxury and performance as well as cheaper alternatives that still uphold the quality and the feel of a Tesla and maintain similar performance. The 3 and the Y are the best choices for casual drivers looking to enter the electric car market for the first time and have a general expectation. The model S and X are tailored to those who have precise needs or a desire to embody luxury and performance all inside an electric vehicle that can fill their daily tasks.

At Carnex, you may get behind the wheel of a used Tesla for an affordable price. Now is the time to take a look at our Tesla lineup and find an affordable way to join driving’s cutting edge.

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What To Know About Tesla Superchargers in Canada?

In Canada, the supercharger network is developed, you can find them in all major city centres in multiple locations with plenty of places to charge your electric vehicle. 

In Ontario, the supercharger network is well developed. You can find them in all big cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Hamilton, London, Windsor, Kitchener etc. The superchargers are also located on the main Ontario roadways and alongside the main highways. However, Tesla charging locations are less present in the northern parts of Ontario as is the case for most provinces in Canada, mostly the main cities and roadways are served properly.

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