How to get the best deal when buying a used electric vehicle in Ontario Canada

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There is a huge demand for used electric vehicles in Canada lately. Due to a lack of availability and great demand, used electric cars are being purchased for close to MSRP. Due to government incentives and an increase in gas prices, many Canadian drivers are switching to electric vehicles. 

While it can be quite advantageous to purchase a used electric vehicle in Canada, in these times of market mania, you might want to avoid sellers who are only looking to turn a quick profit and look for a deal that makes sense for a used EV in the Ontario used car market. 

The cost of a used electric vehicle is influenced by a variety of factors and purchasing one in Ontario has additional considerations. It can be difficult to choose the best used electric vehicle because they differ greatly from used ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles. Compared to buying a used gasoline or diesel car, buying a used electric car requires some distinct considerations. Buying used electric vehicles might be a great value, but the buyer must take numerous variables into account. With an overheated frenzy used EV market in Ontario, this article will show you how to get the best possible deal so that you can maximize your money when purchasing a used electric vehicle. Most importantly, find the perfect used electric vehicle that will meet all your needs for a price that will not break the bank.

Know your needs

EVs can be characterized by one key feature that is truly different from normal gas or diesel vehicles. That is of course the battery range provided by the manufacturer when the EV is brand new. Always calculate your required range before buying a used electric vehicle. Nowadays, most used electric cars have good ranges that make it simple to commute within cities. Older used electric vehicles, however, might not have enough range due to a lack of technology, efficiency, or battery life. Therefore, always determine your own range needs before looking at used EVs and do the calculation based on your needs.

Knowing what you need for your battery is the first and most important element. Afterwards, you can start looking for other features that you may require in your used EV such as storage space, transportation capacity, speed and performance, technological features etc. Then having everything prepared, you can now start searching on the internet for specialized EV car dealerships in Ontario. To search the cars that fit your criteria and figure out which used electric vehicles in Ontario are acceptable in your price range.

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Know your budget and look at what you are paying for

Having found the used EVs that fit your needs, you can look around for the features offered at the price range and in the used EV you are interested in. You should know how much technology and how many features you will be receiving, and how much the features cost at MSRP to make sure that you are getting a good deal on your used EV transaction. Things like charging stations, self-driving capacity, climate control, range extensions and other comfort features are essential to be searched up before purchasing a used EV to make sure that you are not overpaying for features that shouldn’t cost as much, or features that you don’t really need.

Used electric vehicle

Know the used EV you are purchasing: verify the EV’s history

Having found a used EV that meets your criteria, you should now verify the essential aspects of the used electric vehicle to make sure that everything is working properly to make sure that you are indeed paying for what was described. Sometimes, the used EV deal is just too good to be true where a compromise has to be made somewhere.

Different charging capabilities are available for electric vehicles. Some used electric vehicles (EVs) have a longer charging time, while others have a relatively quick charge time. Some EVs have larger batteries, which provide a longer range, while others have smaller batteries, which provide a lower range. Before purchasing a used EV in Canada, always verify the battery’s size and charging capabilities.

Furthermore, verify the battery quality, the range that can be contained within the maximum capacity and how much it has degraded over time. Also, when looking for a used electric vehicle in Ontario, look for the battery replacement history. If it has been done and verifies where and when it was done. Battery health is always crucial to the proper operation of any electric vehicle.

Manufacturers of EVs provide warranties for the battery and motor separately. Always investigate the remaining warranty time when buying a used electric vehicle. Numerous used electric vehicles are covered by warranties. An EV often comes with a warranty that lasts eight years or 160,000 kilometres. Many warranties are able to pass to the new owners, while occasionally some are not. You can find out when the warranty expires and whether it is transferrable by contacting the customer service department of the specific EV manufacturer.

Finally, as for any used vehicle but especially used EV deals, research the maintenance history of the used EV. Make sure you ask for official documents and receipts from the dealership/mechanic that did maintenance on the vehicle from the previous owner. This allows you to know the quality of the car, and how it was cared for to make sure that your used EV deal is actually a deal and not a trap for buying a used EV with faulty or poorly maintained parts.

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Know the government incentives for used EVs in Ontario

When buying a used EV, sometimes the vehicle may qualify for EV rebates in Ontario. When buying a used EV, look if you qualify for the 1000$ Plug’n Drive Used Electric Vehicles program incentive where you need to attend a free used EV seminar before claiming your used EV incentive. In Ontario, you can also apply for the Scrappage Incentive program where you can recycle your previous gas car when buying an EV to receive another 1000$. 

Know your bottom line and negotiate the price

Even if you’re buying a used electric vehicle, if you do your homework and search for similar used electric vehicles in Ontario, you will have an idea of the price range and can always negotiate a lower price. Alternatively, you can also wait for older models of the EV you desire to arrive on the used electric vehicle market and capitalize on the depreciation even further or for a better deal to come up. 

When buying a used EV in Ontario, leverage your knowledge and do some research on the used EV market to further will help you get a better deal on the used EV you want.

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