Top Electric Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Canadian EV Owners

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Nowadays, electric vehicle (EVs) are far more common than they were a few years ago. EVs are already a common sight on the highways and parking lots because of majority automakers embracing the EV trend in the past decade. If you are considering purchasing an electric vehicle, you must have aware there are several benefits to buy an EV, such as lower operation cost, energy efficiency, and numerous government incentives that help to reduce the cost. One of the oblivious advantages of purchasing an electric vehicle is that: compared to a car powered by an internal combustion engine(ICE), an electric vehicle maintenance can be less and simpler.

However, for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), the maintenance demands and safety standards are similar to those of conventional vehicles, despite all-electric vehicles require less regular maintenance. EV manufacturers are building these cars and producing manuals with maintenance and safety in mind. As for battery electric vehicles (BEVs), they typically require less maintenance compared to ICE and Hybrids.

In this article we will cover the top electric vehicle maintenance tips for EVs for Canadian EV owners, and should you how to get the maximum performance and lifetime duration for your EV in Canada.

EV Battery Maintenance

Battery health and EV range should be the first and maybe primary focus that require your attention and  maintenance, especially in Canada, where the harsh winters might cause more battery damage than in other places with a mild temperature. This is due to Lowered charging and output levels might be the result of a battery bank’s internal chemical reactivity, which can be impacted by extreme cold weather. Insulation is crucial even if you charge your EV indoors or under cover, as the batteries may still become cold while you’re driving. Remember that towing an electric vehicle frequently necessitates a flatbed tow, because the motor won’t disengage as it would in a gas-powered vehicle if you run out of power while you’re on the road.

If you plan to buy a used electric vehicle, it’s critical to look for a used EV with a long battery life to save money on future repairs; as well as to avoid the constant need of charging due to the harsh winter conditions that can degrade the car’s performance to a point where it cannot complete its job. Used electric cars prefer mild weather. In extreme cold weather below -25°C, the battery range of an EV can drop by as much as 40% to 50%. You should keep that in mind whenever you get behind the wheel and when you are shopping for a used EV.

Ideally, you might want to consider if underground parking is available for you or making room in your garage for the cold winter nights. On the other hand, speed charging generates a lot of heat, which can also damage your EV’s batteries. A good rule of thumb to maintain proper battery condition is too train and maintain the battery at around 10-40 degrees Celsius.

Furthermore, it’s a common misconception that batteries should be totally discharged before being properly recharged, but with hybrid and electric vehicles, this is not the case. In fact, it’s not advised to let it run out of power or charge it to max capacity. It’s okay to do it sometimes but making it a habit could reduce the battery pack’s longevity. If you connect your battery in before it is completely discharged and unplug it before it is entirely charged, your EV’s battery will last longer.

In Canada, the primary focus for electric vehicle maintenance should always be on the battery and the car’s efficiency and performance because your EV’s battery affect how long you can travel. Make sure to follow the maintenance guidelines provided by your vehicle manufacturer and regularly check how your battery range and performance affect by the weather.

Electric Vehicle Maintenance

Motor and Drivetrain maintenance

Since BEVs don’t have any combustion or traditional motors, drivetrain and wheel motors are important to consistently maintain as it is simpler, but it requires more expertise.  An electric motor is a far simpler device than an internal combustion engine, and it almost certainly that it won’t ever need to be replaced. Since most electric cars have just one multi-speed motor, there isn’t a transmission to change the car between different gears. Some EVs have up to four motors, but power is divided electronically rather than by changing gears between them. In the conventional meaning, this entails the absence of transmission fluid. In fact, EVs include a reduction gearbox between the engine and the wheels that requires maintenance, which even EV makers may refer to as “transmission fluid.” The gearbox is typically sealed, so only a skilled mechanic should inspect and maintain it. Keeping these two core components in check will allow your EV to properly run and perform even in the extreme weather in Canada.

Regular EV maintenance

In the end, electric vehicles are still vehicles. They need the same upkeep and attention as any other type of vehicle, and neglecting any of these features may still lead to poor performance. Your EV will be less stressed and safer to drive after switching from summer to winter tires (and vice versa), as well as having frequent tire rotations and maintenance as one would do with a normal ICE vehicle. Also make sure to regularly check for the fluid levels in your car such as break fluid, coolant, windshield fluid, transmission fluid, etc. Finally, remember to pay attention to any sudden changes or problems that may arise when driving your electric vehicle. For example, observe your dashboard indicators and address your red and amber dashboard lights as soon as they turn on to avoid expensive repairs and to allow for the most optimized performance while driving.

Software upgrades

Maintaining your electronics is more crucial in an EV than in a gas-powered vehicle since electric vehicles (EVs) are more rely on electrons. Software and firmware updates is crucial for your electric vehicle maintenance. As software and firmware updates can improve an EV’s performance and safety, or bring in new functionality and boost electronic security. Like with other digital devices, some EV manufacturers offer over-the-air upgrades. For example, Tesla offers software upgrades over the air for Tesla owners. While for some other EV manufacturers, some upgrades may demand a trip to the dealership. Make sure your EV to receive up to date software updates can allow your EV to have a longer lifespan and increased overall performance.

Winter specific EV maintenance

Driving an EV in the Canadian winter requires for some climate specific maintenances. As batteries and the EV usually requires additional steps of conditioning to allow for proper usage and quality over a long lapse of time. Power and battery output can be the major obstacles to using EVs in cold weather. In addition, it’s crucial to focus on some important factors as well. Your windshield washer fluid level, for instance, might require an additional winter-appropriate blend. You can avoid using electricity by operating the defroster by keeping an excellent ice scraper on available that can help clean that frosty windshield. Even in the winter, electric vehicles can be a safe and cost-effective mode of transportation. Before driving your EV in winter, be sure you are aware of their cold-weather needs. When purchasing a vehicle at a dealership, inquire about the necessary maintenance and tricks to do during colder weather. Also, make sure to carefully read the owner’s manual and pay attention on the crucial maintenances that required for your EV’s performance and safety.

In short, in Canada, your EV maintenances should be covering the most important aspects, such as the battery, the drivetrain, and any other essential maintenance features that one would usually do in an ICE vehicle. Additionally, make sure to focus on the battery and perform necessary maintenances on your EV in harsh cold conditions, as that is when the most damage and performance drop may occur.

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