How to Find and Buy Used Electric Vehicles Online in Canada: A Step by Step Guide

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How to Find and Buy Used Electric Vehicles Online in Canada: A Step by Step Guide


If you’re considering purchasing an EV, buying a used EV can be a wise decision, especially if you’re on a tight budget and eager to embrace the future of battery-powered transportation.  Many people dream of owning a brand-new electric vehicle but are deterred by the high price tag. While the benefits of driving an EV apply whether the vehicle is new or used, exploring the exciting and reasonably priced option of purchasing a used electric vehicle can be a great way to enter the world of EVs.


Now, you might be wondering how you can find a good deal on a used EV. As the demand for EVs continues to rise, many Canadians are looking for ways to find and buy used electric vehicles online. After all, online shopping provides a convenient way to find the ideal vehicle without having to visit physical locations. In this blog, we’ll explore how to navigate the online market and make an informed decision when buying a used electric vehicle online in Canada.

Research and Planning

When buying a used electric vehicle online, the internet offers various advantages. You can conduct extensive research on different models, read reviews and ratings from fellow drivers, and easily compare prices. If you’re looking for the best place to buy a second-hand EV in Canada, conducting an online search will help you find your ideal EV and the most reputable retailer. However, before embarking on the journey to find and buy a used electric vehicle online, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and plan your purchase. Consider the following steps:


Determine Your Requirements

Clearly define your needs, such as the type of EV, desired range, charging capabilities, and any specific features you’re looking for. This will help narrow down your search and find the most suitable options.


Set a Budget

Establish a budget for your used electric vehicle purchase, including any additional costs like insurance, maintenance, and charging infrastructure. Be realistic about your financial capabilities to avoid overspending.


Check Available EV Incentives

Familiarize yourself with the incentives and rebates offered by the Canadian government or provincial programs for purchasing used electric vehicles. These incentives can significantly reduce the overall cost of the vehicle.

Buy Used Electric Vehicles Online

Where To Find and Buy Used Electric Vehicles Online

When it comes to buying used electric vehicles online, Google can be your best friend. There are numerous websites where you can browse through listings from both dealers and individual sellers. By sorting the results on these sites, you can easily find out which used electric vehicles are available in your area, either from dealerships or directly from car owners.


When searching for used electric vehicles online, reputable platforms that specialize in the sale of EVs are also a good option. Most dealerships have websites where they showcase their available inventory and promotional offers. By visiting these websites, you can compare and filter the EVs that catch your interest, giving you a better understanding of what’s available in the market. It’s always recommended to conduct preliminary research before visiting local EV dealerships, and doing it online allows you to do so at your convenience, from anywhere.


Here are a few websites you can use to research and locate used electric vehicles for sale online nearby: Facebook Marketplace, Kijijiautos, and Craigslist. For example, Kijiji is a classified advertisement website where individuals can sell their used vehicles, including electric cars. It provides a local marketplace that allows you to connect with sellers in your area.  These platforms not only offer price comparisons and vehicle ratings but also provide the option to examine or request a CARFAX Canada report for the vehicle you’re interested in.


Additionally, another effective method to find used electric vehicles online is by using Google Maps. You can easily see what’s available in your area by using Google Maps to locate nearby vendors of used electric vehicles. Performing a simple Google search can also yield results and help you find great deals on used electric vehicles in Canada.


If you’re specifically looking for excellent online deals on used electric vehicles in Ontario, Carnex is your go-to source. At Carnex, you can find the best electric vehicle deals that suit your budget. 

Carnex’s inventory offers a wide range of EVs to choose from, and we ensure quality and great pricing. Buying a used electric vehicle online at Carnex allows you to browse and compare options conveniently from the comfort of your own home. Moreover, our professional EV experts perform thorough diagnostics on each vehicle to ensure its reliability, as we value your trust!


Price Negotiation When Buying Used Electric Vehicles Online

When buying a used electric vehicle online, negotiations play a crucial role in getting the best deal. Follow these tips to negotiate effectively:


Research Market Prices

Conduct market research to determine the fair value of the specific make, model, year, and mileage of the used electric vehicle. This knowledge will give you leverage during negotiations.


Point Out Vehicle Flaws

If you notice any issues during the inspection or find discrepancies in the vehicle’s history, highlight them during negotiations to negotiate a lower price.


Be Willing to Walk Away

Don’t be afraid to walk away if the seller isn’t willing to meet your price expectations. There are plenty of other options available, and patience can help you find a better deal.


Evaluating Used Electric Vehicles

Once you find a potential used electric vehicle online, it’s crucial to evaluate its history to ensure its reliability and condition. Consider the following steps:


Request Vehicle History Report

Obtain a comprehensive vehicle history report from reputable providers like CARFAX. This report reveals important details such as previous accidents, maintenance records, and ownership history.


Verify Odometer Reading

Check the odometer reading to ensure it matches the information provided by the seller. A suspiciously low mileage on an older vehicle or a significant difference between online listings and the actual reading could indicate tampering.


Check for Recalls

Visit the manufacturer’s website or the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards database to check for any recalls or safety issues associated with the specific make and model of the used electric vehicle.


Test Drive

Before finalizing the purchase, it’s essential to schedule a test drive to experience the used electric vehicle firsthand. Follow these steps for a successful test drive:


  • Plan the Route: Plan a test drive route that includes a mix of city and highway driving. This will allow you to assess the vehicle’s performance, handling, and range under different conditions.
  • Check Charging Options: If possible, visit a nearby charging station to familiarize yourself with the charging process and ensure compatibility with the used electric vehicle you intend to purchase.
  • Evaluate Driving Experience: Pay attention to the vehicle’s acceleration, braking, steering responsiveness, and overall comfort during the test drive. Ensure it meets your expectations and suits your driving style.


Vehicle Inspection

Before making a final decision, it’s crucial to inspect the used electric vehicle thoroughly. If possible, hire a professional mechanic to do it. In addition to checking the exterior and interior for any signs of damage, a professional inspection will ensure that all the features and electrical components are functioning correctly. More importantly, evaluating the electric vehicle batteries thoroughly will give you an idea of the battery’s lifespan and potential replacement costs.


Finalizing the Purchase

After completing the necessary inspections, negotiations, and test drives, you’re ready to finalize the purchase. Here’s what you may consider:


Get a Written Agreement

Request a written agreement that outlines all the terms and conditions of the sale, including the purchase price, any warranties, and any additional accessories included.


Arrange Payment

Decide on a secure payment method that protects both parties. If using cash, ensure it’s a safe transaction. If using an electronic funds transfer or a certified check, verify the details with your financial institution.


Transfer Ownership and Insurance

Complete the necessary paperwork to transfer ownership of the used electric vehicle. Inform your insurance provider and obtain coverage before driving the vehicle.


Finding and buying a used electric vehicle online in Canada can be a rewarding experience with proper planning and research. A used electric vehicle can be a smart choice, especially when you’re looking to join the world of EVs without straining your finances. 


With the convenience of online shopping and the wealth of resources available, finding a suitable used EV online in Canada has never been easier. Explore reputable websites, utilize search engines, and consider reliable platforms like Carnex to discover the perfect electric vehicle that meets your needs and budget. By following the outlined steps, you can navigate the online market with confidence and make an informed decision that suits your budget and requirements.

As always, Carnex can provide you with detailed information about buying and owning electric vehicles in Canada.

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