Top Tips To Preserve Used Electric Vehicle Battery Life

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Whether you’re buying your first brand-new or used electric vehicle, you probably have a few questions about the battery longevity. One of the primary factors for Canadian car shoppers considering purchasing a used electric vehicle is battery longevity. Similar to the batteries in your smartphone, lithium-ion batteries, which are used in the majority of electric vehicles, tend to lose part of their capacity over time. A driver may typically anticipate using an electric vehicle for at least five years before experiencing a 10% drop in battery capacity.

When it comes to EV batteries, eight years of warranty coverage is the norm in Canada. In general, EV owners are covered by an eight-year, 160,000-mile EV battery warranty against manufacturing flaws and errors that cause capacity degradation below 70% over the eight years period. While some of the Tesla models have higher kilometer limits, the battery coverage offered by Tesla is comparable.

While the cost of replacing an EV battery varies greatly depending on the vehicle, in Canada, replacing a battery pack in a Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S, or other EV might cost as much as $7,000 to $10,000. Replacing the battery in an electric vehicle can be expensive. So it’s important to maintain the battery’s health. While there are some factors that may accelerate electric vehicle batteries’ deterioration, there are some tips that can help you do to minimise any battery deterioration and extend the battery life of your EV. Let’s examine EV battery degeneration and possible solutions below.

Electric Vehicle ChargingAlways keep the battery charged between 20% and 80%

The main aspect that contributes to battery deterioration is a charging cycle, which is the process of charging or discharging a lithium-ion battery from 0 to 100%. A battery management system that prevents charging and discharging at an extreme level of charge is already built into electric cars. The performance of the battery life of your EV is improved by maintaining the battery charge between 0% and 100%. While a full charge will provide you with the longest possible operating time, it is never a good idea for the battery’s overall lifespan.

Your car’s battery can deteriorate if you frequently cycle it between 0% and 100% of capacity, especially if you use a fast charger, which charges the battery quickly. The best choice for charging your electric vehicle overnight is to choose a slower-refilling charger, as this will lessen the likelihood that a full charge cycle will be completed. Not all electric cars have this function, but the majority of them do have an on-board buffer that prevents the battery from being charged past 80% to prevent degradation.

Minimize using fast charging

Using a fast charger is quite convenient when your batteries are about to run out. However, it presses so much current into the batteries in a short period, which strains your EV batteries and wane them faster. Although it may be difficult to notice, eight years of standard charging will result in 10% more battery life than eight years of using fast charging.

Only fully charge your EV for long trips

For longer trips, sometimes we require a full battery. The battery does not get worse when you charge the car to 100% unless you do that all the time. Therefore, only charge up to 100% if absolutely necessary. Most electric vehicles have built-in navigation that will indicate whether you can get there with the current level of power, or you can use Google Maps in advance to determine whether you need to charge to 100% or not.

Avoid idling your electric vehicle

You should never leave your electric car parked for long periods with 0% charge, as this can cause the vehicle’s battery to degrade. It’s important to regularly check your vehicle’s charge level to make sure it stays between 20% and 80% because electric cars lose a little bit of energy while they are parked and not in use.
Electric vehicles’ batteries deteriorate while they are not in use with a full or empty battery. It’s recommended to get a timed charger and plug it in if you don’t use your electric car for a long period. One tactic is to adjust the charger so that the charge stays between 25% and 75% of its average level, just above the low mark and not filled to full.

Minimize exposure to extremely high temperatures when parking your EV

The most common danger occurs when leaving a car unplugged and subjecting it to intense heat. In order to maintain low temperatures for maximum efficiency, an automated temperature control system placed in your electric car may unnecessarily drain your batteries. While this functionality should only be utilised when your electric car is on the road and using its battery, you should park it in the shade or plug it in so that its thermal management system only uses grid power while it is in operation. You should also ensure a stable range of temperatures while it is in operation.

Avoid charging your EV in extremely cold temperatures

Charging your EV in extremely cold conditions might also potentially damage the battery as well as shorten its lifespan. Instead of starting charging your EV from a fully cold state, you’re advised to drive around to warm it up first. However, some of the EV manufacturers are attempting to take the pain out of this. Models like the Tesla lineup, Chevy Volt, and Jaguar I-PACE automatically cool or heat the battery to ensure that it is in a suitable temperature range for charging.

Although many EV experts agree that extreme heat or cold conditions are the actual enemies to an EV’s batteries, frequent fast charging and excessive charge and discharge cycles may all hasten the degradation of battery packs. This is why it’s crucial to have the used electric vehicle you’re purchasing evaluated by a qualified technician before you buy it. You should also read the owner’s manual and warranty material to learn more about the particular EV you’re thinking about.

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