Top 12 EVs with The Best Cargo Space

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Top 12 EVs with The Best Cargo Space


EVs are now becoming an attractive option for reducing pollution and our carbon footprint while remaining as reliable and affordable as ICE vehicles. Automakers are pursuing higher ranges and more technical integration within their vehicles in the current state of the EV automobile industry; however, an essential factor that EV automakers do not take into account as much is the practicality of their vehicles, such as the cargo capacity accessible on the car. 


The absence of a conventional combustion engine in the front has prepared the way for the advent of the “frunk,” a front trunk that adds functionality as well as style to these cutting-edge vehicles. However, this front storage area vary greatly amongst EVs, contrary to popular assumption, not all EVs have a frunk. This is why we will focus on the 12 EVs with the best cargo space in this article, so that you can fulfill all your storage needs while still owning a reliable and comfortable EV


Top 12 EVs with The Best Cargo Space


Top 12 EVs with The Best Cargo Space


The Ford F150 Lightning


This EV pickup truck has a lot of storage space. The pickup bed in the bed already offers a lot of storage space, basically as much as you need as you can stack stuff on top of each other as long as you have the proper fixations or even modify your flatbed to increase useable space.

Furthermore, in the frunk, now that there isn’t a really big combustion motor inside of it, can hold up to 0.4 cubic meters of things such as groceries, luggage or food. Moreover, inside the frunk, you can find a wide array of utility items such as USB ports and power outlets so that you can can do even more with your truck.


Rivian R1T


The Rivian R1T is a car built with storage in mind as it comes with plenty of storage all around the vehicle. There is a ton of storage all around the car, such as in the “Gear Tunnel”, a storage compartment between the back row of seats and the pickup bed of the truck. It can even hold a full-size grill and kitchen inside of it that slides in and out whenever you need it. Like the Ford F150 Lightning, this pickup truck also has a lot of flatbed space allowing you to store a lot of things like bikes or skis or any cargo you would need.

The frunk on this vehicle also has a lot of space in it even though it is not as big as the one in the Fort F150 Lightning. It has 0.3 cubic meters of storage space in the frunk allowing for quite a lot of items to be held inside. However, make sure that they aren’t too heavy as the frunk on this car is much higher and deeper inside the frunk compared to the Ford.

EVs with The Best Cargo Space

Chevrolet Silverado EV


The Chevy Silverado EV has large flatbed space allowing for a lot of storage for your ordinary and unusual usage. The Silverado EV’s flatbed is equipped with secure tie-down points and clever storage solutions, ensuring that your cargo remains organized and protected during transit.

Also, the Chevrolet Silverado EV has an eTrunk, which is GM’s term for the electric Silverado’s front trunk. The hood of the Chevy is power-operated, and it raises with the grille connected, making it very easy to reach the cargo area. The Silverado EV’s frunk contains around 0.3 cubic meters of storage capacity, which is not surprising given the size of the Silverado EV. The Silverado EV, like the Rivian R1T, has a single 120-volt outlet within the trunk.


The Hummer EV


The Hummer EV offers a significant amount of storage space. It has a spacious front trunk that can be used for various purposes. It even has d-rings that can be used to secure your cargo in the front of the vehicle.

Another feature is that you could store the removable Sky Panel Roof in the frunk. Additionally, the rear cargo area provides ample room for luggage or equipment, making it a practical choice for different storage needs. The wide vehicle with a huge trunk allows for any family to maximize the storage usage of the car anytime.


Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y may have a humble 4.1 cubic feet of front storage, but it maximizes its utility with a lockable trunk that can carry up to 110 pounds of cargo. Ideal for storing valuables, the Model Y’s frunk remains secure even in Valet Mode, making it a sleek and practical choice for those prioritizing style and security.


Tesla Model X


The Tesla Model X has a lot of storage space, due to its functional front trunk and large rear load compartment.

This car is much smaller than those before on this list and the Tesla Model X is a much more practical daily driven vehicle compared to the big pick-up trucks. However, this SUV still has plenty of storage space in the trunk and the frunk, perfect for grocery shopping or even road trips.


Lucid Air


The Lucid Air is a comfortable luxury sedan that still holds plenty of cargo space for your day-to-day uses. The Lucid has a trunk at the front. Unlike the Model S, which only offers 3.1 cubic feet of trunk capacity, the Lucid Air boasts a 10-cubic-foot trunk. That’s not a typo; the Lucid Air’s frunk is the same size as the Rivian R1T’s. Lucid’s excellent packaging and downsizing of its engine components allow for increased interior space and a very spacious trunk and frunk. 

Mustang Mach-E


This Mustang SUV has a lot of cargo space of an EV. Useful or not, the Mach-E has 4.8 cubic feet of storage capacity and can function as a cooler if you want to host a party from the frunk. In the trunk of the Mustang SUV, you have plenty of storage space and lots of places to hold groceries and luggage for a road trip. 


Porsche Taycan


The Taycan makes the most of its limited space by having a deep and cube-shaped frunk. It is modest in contrast to the Lightning’s trunk, but given that the Taycan is a low-slung sports sedan, it is more than enough. Being a sporty sedan, this car has the performance of a sports car with the storage of an SUV. Moreover, Porsche offers the Taycan in a hatchback version with even more trunk space in the back.




This car is really big and has an immense trunk that can be used to fit a lot plenty of groceries and luggage. This car has a very large wheelbase allowing it to store plenty of things if you decide to drop down the rear seats. Furthermore, this car has excellent technology such as a very wide display screen and a very luxurious feel to a very spacious car.




If you are looking for an extremely compact car that can still hold your groceries or bags, or even 2 full-sized luggage, this car is more than adequate. The i3 has a useable frunk for storing charging cords or other small goods. This car can park anywhere and can fit in every small spot around the city.


Kia EV6


The Kia EV6 has all the functionalities of a great SUV. This car is sporty and aesthetic on the outside and is spacious and modern on the inside. This vehicle has plenty of cargo space both in the frunk and the trunk. This EV is the perfect combination between a compact car, a luxury sedan and a full-size SUV. With the extra cargo space, you can easily carry anything you would need during your day-to-day life.


Each one of these electric vehicles is perfect in its way of having really good cargo space and a lot of storage. Knowing these few vehicles now, it is up to the buyer to figure out what kind of vehicle they need to buy to satisfy their needs, whether it be a pickup truck a full-size electric SUV, a sedan or a subcompact car. The decision is now for you to make.


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