The 10 Benefits of Driving an Electric Vehicle in 2022

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By entering 2022, you may have noticed there are electric vehicles on every road and in every parking space. With the popularity of EVs today, global EV sales have increased by 80% and it keeps increasing.

If you’re considering making the move to an EV, here are some of the best arguments for driving an electric car if you’re still not convinced that making the switch to an electric vehicle is the right choice for you.

So what are the essential benefits of going electric? Let’s look at the top 10 benefits of the many advantages that come with owning an EV.

1. You will save on fuel costs by driving an electric vehicle

The obvious advantage of purchasing an electric vehicle is the fuel savings. Generally speaking, no matter where you plug in across Canada, electricity is less expensive than gas.

2. EV has lower maintenance costs

EVs require much less maintenance compared to traditional cars. Since battery EVs don’t have a gasoline engine, they don’t require an oil change. On the other hand, the motor is the only moving part of an EV, while a gasoline-powered car contains hundreds of moving parts. This significant distinction leads to EVs needing less periodic maintenance and being more reliable.

3. The federal and provincial governments still offer incentives for EVs in 2022

The federal government of Canada provides incentives for both individuals and companies to buy or lease electric vehicles. Depending on where you live, several provinces additionally provide their own incentives for the purchase or lease of qualified vehicles as well as for the purchase and installation of charging stations.

4. You are helping the environment by driving an electric vehicle 

EVs are more environmentally friendly compared to gasoline cars. Your carbon footprint is decreased and global warming pollution will be reduced by driving Hybrid or no-emission battery EVs. An electric vehicle is also more environmentally friendly throughout its life cycle than a gas-powered vehicle.

5. EVs are secure and more reliable

Because their batteries are on top of the axles and EVs often have lower centres of gravity, they have incredible traction and are less prone to flipping over.

The handling, reactivity, and comfort of electric vehicles can all benefit from their low center of gravity. Other than the fact that driving an electric car is quieter than driving a vehicle with an internal combustion engine, an electric vehicle is more reliable and offers a more enjoyable experience thanks to the smooth acceleration and deceleration provided by the electric powertrain.

Electric Vehicle

6. EVs are better for your health

Compared to fuel vehicles, which burn gasoline and diesel and emit unhealthy gases, electric vehicles significantly reduce the amount of dangerous exhaust pollution. Pollutants that are known or suspected of causing cancer and other major health disorders include carbon monoxide, benzene, particulates, volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, and diesel particulate matter.

Driving an EV is silent, according to studies, but noise pollution is also detrimental to our health. Since EVs operate silently when powered by batteries, they are often very quiet to drive.

7. EVs are practical

You can skip the petrol station if your car is a battery electric vehicle. Instead of looking for the petrol station with the lowest price, you may charge your electric vehicle at home or at any public charging station. No longer will you need to make a weekly stop at the petrol station, unless you want to grab some snacks.

8. Range anxiety might not be an issue anymore

Most daily driving can be accommodated by modern EVs with ease. As battery technology improves, so does the range of EVs. On a full battery charge, many of today’s EVs can drive more than 300 km, while models can go approximately 600 km between charges. On the other hand, public charging stations for EVs are becoming more common in Canada, and the network of EV public charging stations is constantly growing across the country. According to information from Natural Resources Canada, as of June 2022, Canadian EV drivers had access to more than 16,000 chargers at more than 6,000 public charging stations. Although Level 2 chargers make up the majority of these public charging stations, Canada has roughly 1,200 DC fast charging stations.

9. Save time and stay out of traffic

The High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes on provincial highways and municipal streets are open to electric cars (EVs) with an official decal. Having access to HOV lanes will spare you from having to wait in rush-hour traffic.

10. EV options are increasing, and more pre-owned EVs are also available

More EVs are becoming available as the use of electric vehicles rises in Canada. As a result, there are more choices over a wider range of pricing ranges and vehicle categories.

Although used EVs are only eligible for limited government incentives, used electric vehicles are an affordable option for going green. In addition, used EVs that have some miles on their odometers typically have almost the same performance as the brand new models. Used electric vehicles are the most affordable option for transportation. This benefit is further enhanced by the 

the fact that electric cars require significantly less maintenance than their gasoline-powered counterparts.

Now that you have learned the main benefits of driving an electric vehicle, it’s time to decide whether an electric vehicle is a good option for you. 

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