Looking to save on an EV? 10 tips for buying a used electric vehicle in Canada

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Looking to save on an EV? 10 tips for buying a used electric vehicle in Canada


If you’re thinking about buying a used electric vehicle, like a Tesla, it’s a smart move that not only saves you money but also shows your commitment to the environment. Embracing eco-friendly transportation options like EVs is a win-win situation for both your wallet and our planet.

However, buying a used electric vehicle requires some research and careful consideration. Since buying a used electric vehicle is not usually the same as buying a traditional gas vehicle. EVs are so reliant on their battery and software that it requires a greater focus on checking both when you buy a used EV. The good news is, we’ve got ten valuable tips lined up for you. These tips are here to ensure that you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a used electric vehicle, be it a Tesla or any other model. By following these tips, you’ll not only save money but also embark on an exciting journey towards owning your dream eco-friendly ride. 

buying a used electric vehicle

Research and Preparation

Before diving into the used EV market, it’s important to do your homework. Familiarize yourself with the different models and their specifications. Research the average prices of used Teslas or other used electric vehicles in your area. Understanding the market will give you an advantage when negotiating and help you spot a good deal.


Determine Your Requirements

Consider your driving habits and requirements. Do you need a long-range electric vehicle, or is a shorter range sufficient for your daily commute? Determine the features and specifications that matter most to you, such as battery capacity, charging capabilities, and any additional options like autopilot or enhanced safety features. Don’t forget to factor in your driving habits and preferences when making your decision. Take a moment to reflect on the average distance you cover, the type of driving you engage in (whether it’s highway cruising or city navigation), and the specific features and capabilities that hold significance for you. For instance, if you find yourself embarking on a lengthy daily commute, you’ll likely benefit from an electric vehicle that boasts an extended range and speedy charging capabilities. This way, you won’t have to worry about range anxiety or spending excessive time at charging stations. It’s all about finding the perfect fit for your unique needs! Likewise, if you frequently travel with a sizable family or frequently carry substantial cargo, it would be prudent to seek out a vehicle that offers ample room for passengers and generous storage capacity. By knowing your actual needs, you can narrow down your search when buying a used EV.


Set a Budget

Setting a budget for your used electric vehicle purchase is an important step. You should consider not only the initial cost but also any potential maintenance and insurance expenses. Keep in mind that used EVs may have lower prices compared to new ones, but they might require more frequent maintenance or battery replacements.


Check Vehicle History

When buying a used electric vehicle, it’s crucial to review its history. Obtain the vehicle identification number (VIN) and request a vehicle history report. This report will provide valuable information about the car’s maintenance records, accident or damage history, history of the title and registration, and whether it has been subject to any recalls. Vehicle history reports are offered by several businesses in Canada, including Carfax and AutoCheck. When it comes to purchasing a used electric vehicle, knowledge is power. By taking the time to review the vehicle history record, you open a window into the car’s past and possible pitfalls that may lie ahead. This valuable insight equips you to make a well-informed decision, ensuring you choose a vehicle that meets your expectations and avoids any unexpected surprises. So, don’t overlook the importance of diving into that history and arming yourself with the information you need to make the best purchase possible.


Inspect the Vehicle

Before finalizing the purchase, physically inspect the used EV. Look for any signs of wear and tear and check the condition of the exterior, interior, tires, and brakes. Pay close attention to the battery and charging ports. If you’re not knowledgeable about EVs, consider getting a professional inspection to ensure there are no hidden issues. It’s recommended to have a mechanic inspect the car to identify any potential issues that may not be immediately visible. Overall, taking the time to thoroughly inspect a used EV can help you make a more informed purchasing decision and avoid any potential problems down the road.


Evaluate the Battery

The battery is a critical component of an electric vehicle. Assess its health and capacity. Check the battery’s charging time, range, and any warranty that may be applicable. Keep in mind that battery degradation occurs over time, so understanding its condition is essential for your long-term investment.

It’s essential to check the battery and range of a used electric vehicle (EV) to make sure it’s still in good shape. Examining the car’s “State of Health” (SOH) or “State of Charge” (SOC) percentage, which shows the proportion of the battery’s initial capacity that is still accessible, is one technique to determine the battery’s capacity. Also, make sure you check the EV’s battery range, which is the maximum distance it can go on a single charge. This can vary significantly depending on the EV model, so it’s critical to examine a variety of vehicles to locate the one that best suits your requirements. 


Consider Charging and Maintaining 

One of the main benefits of owning an EV is that they typically have lower running costs than gasoline cars, as electricity is generally cheaper than gas. However, it’s important to note that charging costs can vary depending on electricity rates in your area and the accessibility of charging stations. To sweeten the deal even further, many EV owners opt to install a home charging station for added convenience, although this can come with its own set of costs. So, while EVs bring savings, it’s crucial to consider the overall picture and weigh the potential expenses against the long-term benefits.

As for maintenance, EVs have fewer moving parts than traditional gas cars, which means lower maintenance and repair costs. However, it’s still important to have regular checkups and change brake pads and tires when necessary. 

Battery warranties are commonly provided for a specific period, and some manufacturers even offer warranties for battery replacement or capacity. It’s highly recommended to seek out a used EV that still falls within warranty coverage. While these vehicles might have a slightly higher upfront cost, they can save you money in the long run, especially if you encounter any battery-related issues that require replacement.


Test Drive

Now, let’s talk about the importance of a test drive when buying a used electric vehicle. It’s absolutely crucial to experience how the car drives and handles before making a decision. Take the used EV for a spin to get a true feel for its performance. Pay close attention to factors like acceleration, handling, braking, and overall comfort. Keep your senses sharp for any unusual noises or vibrations that may arise during the test drive. Additionally, take the opportunity to explore the car’s features, including the audio system, climate control, and navigation system. By investing the time to thoroughly test drive the vehicle, you can ensure that it aligns with your driving needs, preferences, and overall comfort, ultimately empowering you to make a well-informed purchasing decision.


Consider Warranty Options

When you’re in the market for buying a used electric vehicle, don’t forget to dig into the details of the warranty. It’s crucial to ensure that the warranty is still valid and understand exactly what it covers. Luckily, many manufacturers offer warranties that encompass the battery, electric motor, and even the charging system, ensuring everything is in tip-top shape. The duration of the battery warranty can vary, depending on the manufacturer, ranging from a specific number of years to a certain mileage threshold. It’s important to review the specific warranty details for the make and model of the EV you’re eyeing. Also, take a moment to inquire whether the warranty is transferable to the new owner. For added peace of mind, consider the option of purchasing an extended warranty that covers unexpected repairs. This way, you can cruise down the road with confidence, knowing that you’re protected and potentially saving some hard-earned cash in the long run.


Check Government Incentives

In Canada, government incentives for electric vehicles are available at both the federal and provincial levels. The federal government offers $5,000 rebate for the purchase or lease of a new. While used electric vehicles are not eligible for the federal EV incentive, several jurisdictions at the provincial level provide incentives for used EV purchases. For example, for qualified used EVs, Quebec offers a reimbursement of up to $3,500, and in Ontario, you can get up to $2,000 in rebates. Keep in mind that these incentives can vary, come with expiration dates, and might have vehicle restrictions. It is crucial to inquire with your provincial government about the EV incentives that are offered to you as well as the constraints. 

If you’re on the lookout for a top-notch used vehicle that offers great value for your money, you’ve landed in the perfect spot!

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