Should You Buy a New or Used Tesla?

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Tesla generally does extremely well in retaining value compared to other EVs in the electric vehicle market. As the company constantly improves the EVs they manufactured and continues to deliver technological advances and software updates to Tesla owners. Whether you go with a new or used Tesla, you will enjoy the same perks, be like premium features, advanced technology, and continuous software updates. That comes to the next question, should you buy a new or pre owned?

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Advantages of buying a used Tesla

Shopping for a used vehicle may come with some uncertainties, this makes no difference to used Tesla. That’s why we list the advantages of buying used Tesla and hope that can help you make a sound decision.

1. It’s cheaper

The most obvious benefit of buying a used Tesla is that they are cheaper to buy. You may be able to pick up a Tesla’s high-end model while paying the same for getting the cheaper Model 3 brand new.

2. You can get your Tesla faster

Due to the semiconductor shortage, it’s very likely that you need to wait for a new Tesla. If you are able to wait or buy the Tesla as your second car, then buying a brand new Tesla can be a good option.

3. Potential resale value

As we mentioned, Tesla Models do very well in keeping their resale values. The same applies to used Tesla. Just as you are interested in buying a used Tesla, it’s the most popular EV brand that someone else might be interested in buying your Tesla in a few years. In another word, the potential resale value of a used Tesla should perform better than other used electric vehicles, so if you don’t enjoy it, the chance is you will be able to turn around for a similar price straight away.

4. They are durable EV

Tesla EVs are built to last, and they are considered to be the top range options in the electric vehicle market. For instant, Tesla’s batteries can hold up more than 90% of their full capacity after driving 320,000 kilometers. That makes buying a used Tesla become a safer investment than others, as they are durable EVs and ranked as the top quality cars.

5. Better for the environment

Buying a used Tesla is better for the environment. We all know that electric cars have several environmental benefits over conventional gas-powered vehicles. Driving with a used electric vehicle, it will even further reduce your carbon footprints.

Advantages of buying a brand new Tesla

When it comes to purchasing a new Tesla, things could be easier, so let’s take a look at the advantages of buying a new Tesla.

1. The “new car” experience

It’s a new EV! Well, that’s the “new car” feeling you can only experience when buying a brand new car. For some people, missing out on that feeling to save money is not even an issue, while that does not apply to others.

2. Full warranty

The basic warranty of Tesla covers 4 years or 80,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

3. New tech features

Tesla is always innovating and continually improving its electric cars. Therefore, the newer model Tesla cars often boat many features that previous versions don’t have. So if you go with a used Tesla, there is a good chance that some of the newest features will be missing.

In conclusion, buying a new or used Tesla could be a tough decision. You might choose to pick up a Tesla model for a steal on the used car market or have yourself enjoy the “new car” experience by simply going with a brand new Tesla. In the end, it’s all about your unique needs and personal preference as a car shopper. 

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