Selling a Leased Tesla: How a Tesla Lease Buyout Works

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Selling a Leased Tesla: How a Tesla Lease Buyout Works


Drivers who care about the environment but don’t want to commit to buying an electric vehicle are increasingly opting to lease a Tesla. If you’re leasing a Tesla, you may be torn when your lease expires between returning the car and investigating purchase options or maybe you are still in your lease and it is still a while before it expires but don’t want the car anymore. 


In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of buying out your Tesla lease and will explain the process, its advantages, and its possible drawbacks. Understanding the lease buyout procedure is important when you are looking to potentially buy another vehicle and terminate your lease.



What is a lease buyout and how does it work?


The steps involved in a lease buyout are easy to follow. A lease buyout is the process of buying out the remainder of a lease, often known as the “residual value.” You may divide lease buyouts into two broad categories. A buyout at the end of a lease term is usually meant when the term “buyout” is used. After your lease is over, you may buy the car at the end of the contract for whatever its residual value is which is usually determined with the dealer at the beginning of your lease contract. 


If you want to acquire your leased automobile before the end of the lease period, you may do it using a more involved process called an early lease buyout. An early lease buyout may incur more fees as well as some penalties for exiting the contract early. 

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Buying out a Tesla lease from Tesla


Depending on where you purchased your Tesla from, the modalities of your lease contract may be different whether it was from Tesla or a 3rd party seller. Only Tesla drivers who leased a Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X before April 15, 2022, can buy out their leases. 


When a Tesla lease has ended, the leased Model 3 or Model Y has never been available for purchase. These vehicles were scheduled to rejoin the Robotaxi fleet at one point. Most previously leased Tesla Model 3s and Model Ys are sold via Tesla’s Used Inventory since the program hasn’t proceeded. This effectively implies that if you lease a Tesla Model Y or Model 3, you cannot resell your lease to another party. 


The complicated part of the narrative involves the Model S and the Model X. As was previously indicated, it is currently not possible to lease a Model S or Model X with the option to buy at the conclusion of the lease. The option to purchase your lease was not included in the lease agreement for the Model S or Model X after April 15, 2022, but was included before this date. 


Check your lease agreement to discover the buyout payment conditions if you take delivery of a leased Tesla Model X or Model S prior to April 15, 2022. Although independent Tesla dealerships and private purchasers are not permitted to assume responsibility for buying out your lease, you are free to sell your leased Tesla to a third party upon payment in full of the lease buyout. Your leased Tesla’s buyout price would be determined by the vehicle’s projected residual value, or how much Tesla thinks you can sell the car for when the lease is over.


Financing a buyout


Your local Tesla dealer or Tesla Financial Services may be able to help you get the money you need to buy out your lease. It might, however, end up costing more. While Tesla’s direct-to-consumer business strategy is novel, the company may nonetheless try to maximize earnings by charging you exorbitant interest rates if you finance one of its vehicles. As a result, you should look into auto loans from several financial institutions which may offer lower rates and better payment options over the long term.


3rd party lease buyouts


The answer to whether or not you can sell a leased Tesla from a dealership or third party depends on the lease conditions. If the leased Tesla has a buyout provision, you may purchase the Tesla by paying the required price. Usually, 3rd parties offer a lease buyout clause with fees and penalties included for leased Tesla vehicles they sell unlike Tesla themselves that don’t offer it on their new vehicles. 


The procedure for you to buy out your lease should be straightforward as stated in your contract, you simply need to pay your Tesla lease’s stated residual value, any remaining lease payments from the contract as well as interest, fees, taxes etc. The terms for buyouts will be provided in the lease contract.


Selling your leased Tesla


If your lease contract has a buyout clause, you can then proceed to purchase your leased Tesla out of its lease. There may be federal, provincial, or local taxes and fees associated with your transaction. Once you’ve finished the necessary paperwork and obtained the title to your Tesla, you may sell it to a private party or a dealership. You could sell either to another dealership or to a third-party buyer after buying out the lease.


Transferring a Tesla lease


Another option is to directly sell your lease contract to somebody else, like a dealership or a 3rd party individual. Selling your lease contract essentially is selling your contract and the lease payments to somebody else. As long as you did not lease from Tesla themselves, you can find a 3rd party buyer that will pay you a set amount to buy your lease contract and the dealership you purchased the vehicles from will then sell your leased Tesla to the buyer and transfer the ownership title from you to your buyer. Selling your lease may cost some fees that should be noted in the contract.


When should you not buy your lease?


You should not buy out your Tesla lease if you want a new car or even a new Tesla. Or maybe, you can’t obtain approval for a low interest rate on your leased Tesla to finance the buyout. Moreover, if you’ve driven your leased Tesla more miles than anticipated, driven it in rough conditions, or been in car accidents necessitating expensive repairs, your lease buyout might not be advantageous for you as you will most likely pay more than what your Tesla is actually worth to exit your lease contract. If you fall into any of the above categories, you may want to look into the lease return process rather than trying to buy out your lease. 



Buying out a Tesla lease is a complex choice that depends on a number of variables. The route to ownership of a Tesla is complicated, from learning about the two main types of lease buyouts (end-of-term and early lease buyouts) to knowing the unique restrictions and alternatives available depending on where you leased your Tesla. 


Lease buyout financing, lease buyouts from third parties, selling your leased Tesla, and transferring your lease all provide their own challenges and opportunities. A lease buyout may not be the best financial move if you’re in the market for a new car or if your current lease vehicle has high mileages or substantial damage. 


The benefits and downsides of a Tesla lease buyout should be thoroughly considered in light of your unique situation before you make a final choice. You need to do the math to make sure that a Tesla lease buyout is beneficial and the right financial decision for you.


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