Buying an Electric Vehicle in 2022? Giving an EV A Test Drive Might Be The Key

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Here’s how to get the most out of your electric vehicle test drive.

Electric vehicle options are gaining in popularity worldwide, the automotive industry has begun to embrace an electric future. Thinking about going green with an electric car? Is 2022 the year for you to buy an electric car? If you are still not sure making the switch to an eco-friendly EV is the right move for you, giving an electric vehicle a test drive might be the key to addressing your questions about EVs and finding the right EV for you.

Electric vehicle test drive

In this post, we have put together some important tips for your EV test drive, so you will be able to prepare for a good test drive before you get behind the wheel.

An electric vehicle test drive may be the key for you to decide if the switch is the right move. While most of us don’t do test drives very often, if it’s your first time driving an electric car, some things could be completely new for you. You will feel differently driving an EV on the road; for example, an EV is incredible silence and rapid acceleration. These new experiences may get you distracted and forget to look for the important things in your EV test drive. So make sure you follow some tips we pull together here for your EV test drive.

Make an appointment for your electric vehicle test drive in advance. It’s always a good idea to book your electric vehicle test drive ahead of time so make sure the EV will be ready and in full charge for your test drive. In addition, you will take time to do your research with regard to the EV’s battery range, performance, and features. So you can ask the salesperson questions that come up after your electric vehicle test drive.

Get yourself familiar with the electric vehicle before hitting the road. Take a few minutes to adjust the seat, and make sure you can easily reach all controls before you drive. Many EVs come with touch screen controls and video displays, keep an eye on the range during your test drive. Pay attention to how temperature, speed, acceleration, or steep hills can affect the range. For example, check if the range depletes more quickly when you are at a high speed, accelerate quickly, and with the usage of the heater or air conditioning. Check how does the range compare with the manufacturer’s claim? And how your driving style could also affect the range.

Electric vehicles also come with a feature called regenerative braking, which can replenish energy from braking and decelerate by converting energy back to its battery pack. You will take a bit of time to get used to it and make sure you are comfortable with how the EV performs in this regard.

During your electric vehicle test drive, ensure you find some curves in the road, then you get a chance to test the steering is smooth and the EV handling abilities are satisfied. Get onto a highway if you can, so you can determine its stability at high speeds. At the end of your EV test drive, check if it’s easy or difficult if it’s low-speed steering when parking and maneuvering it in tight spaces. 

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