Cold Weather Tips for Tesla Drivers in Canada

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Driving any electric vehicle in the winter can be problematic. Tesla vehicles are no different for toughening in the cold winter conditions in Canada. Electric vehicles such as Tesla require special care and specific maintenance for the winter conditions in Canada. Your Tesla has various features that are developed specifically for cold weather. Learn how to improve your cold-weather driving experience by staying plugged in and preconditioning your battery before each trip. In this article, we will go over some of the tips that Tesla drivers in Canada may consider when deciding on how to care for their Tesla during the winter and how to prolong the lifetime of the car.

Battery Maintenance

Particularly in Canada, where the harsh winters may result in more battery degradation than in other locations with different temperatures, battery life should be the first and possibly the primary emphasis when purchasing a Tesla and doing maintenance. The effect of cold weather on your Tesla’s battery is likely to be the most significant. Depending on how cold it gets in your part of Canada, you might expect a 30% loss in range and efficiency. Lowered output and charging rates may be caused by a battery bank’s intrinsic chemical reactivity, which is affected by cold weather. Even if you charge your EV indoors or under cover, insulation is still important because the batteries could still become cold while you’re driving. Because an electric vehicle’s motor won’t shut off like it would in a gas-powered vehicle if you run out of juice while you’re driving, keep in mind that transporting one typically requires a flatbed tow. Because of this, you might want to think about buying underground parking or preparing space in your garage for the chilly winter nights. A lot of heat is produced during rapid charging, and this heat might harm your batteries. A good general rule of thumb is to train and keep the battery around 10 to 40 degrees Celsius to maintain appropriate battery condition. This means that perhaps you should consider building your in-home Tesla charging system inside the house in your garage instead of outside on your driveway.

The battery and the car’s economy and performance should always be the key concerns when maintaining an EV in Canada, because without the battery, your EV would be essentially useless. Make sure to adhere to the maintenance recommendations given by the manufacturer of your car and check the performance and engine life on a regular basis. Making sure the entire electrical system is well cared for and maintained during the frigid days of the Canadian winter can make your Tesla last much longer.

Here are some bonus tips for EV battery maintenance for Tesla drivers. Firstly, to warm up the interior of the electric car, use the mobile app to turn on the heated seats and climate control about five minutes before you depart. The battery will also warm up simultaneously if your Tesla is plugged in, improving both your efficiency and the amount of regenerative braking available when it’s time to move. Depending on the outside temperature, you might need to switch on climate control more than 20 to 30 minutes before departure to heat the battery. In addition, when not in use, we recommend leaving your Tesla plugged in as much as possible in winter. This retains heat by using the charging system rather than your battery.

Driving Profiles for Winter

You need to either disable or restrict several aspects of your Tesla to get the most out of it and to drive safely in snow and ice. Create a new winter driving profile with all these settings saved for you to save having to do this each time you get into the car. Then, instead of visiting the menu to adjust numerous In settings, you only need to choose that driver profile whenever you get into your Tesla. You might find yourself using this profile continuously if you live somewhere where it snows for several months at a time. We recommend your winter driving profile has the following settings:

  • Chill mode
  • LOW regenerative braking
  • Autopilot following distance to the maximum (7)
  • Emergency Lane Departure to warning instead of assistance

Furthermore, you should turn off the auto-wipers functionality throughout the winter if you reside in a region of Canada that has a lot of freezing rain and ice buildup. There is a danger that the ice buildup on the sensor will cause the auto-sensing wipers to activate when you get into your Tesla, potentially harming your wipers. Simply press the button at the left stalk’s tip to activate your wipers and bring up the wiper controls on the display if you need to utilize them. You can then choose the pace at which you want your wipers to operate. Another tip is to switch your wipers into “Service Mode” as you exit the car to protect them from harm in snowy and icy conditions. They are now slightly elevated from their normal resting posture in the well. They are on a portion of the windshield that warms up when the defroster is turned on when they are slightly higher. Your wipers won’t be stuck to the windshield when you’re ready to move, decreasing the possibility of winter-related damage.

Used Tesla

Sensor and EV Care

Many of the car’s safety functions, especially autopilot, depend on the cameras’ ability to see their surroundings clearly, which you might have overlooked. The performance of these safety systems may be affected if snow or ice blocks any of the cameras or sensors on the vehicle’s bumpers. Before you start your drive, locate all your cameras and sensors, and make sure they are all turned off. Making sure the sensors are clean on your Tesla and unobstructed will maintain the quality of the exterior parts and the good running of all the features related.

Winter Tires

You can probably handle practically any winter weather scenario by doing this, which is one of the easiest yet most effective things you can do. To provide the optimum traction in snow and ice, use a good snow tire marked with the snowflake sign or M&S for milder winter climates like those on the west coast. If your Tesla has “summer” tyres, like the Performance Model Y, a decent set of tyres is especially crucial. Obviously, parking your car in a garage, if possible, is the best advice for cold weather for any Tesla driver. If that’s not feasible, using these suggestions will improve your winter driving experience.

Also, just like driving any car in winter, don’t forget to refill with cold-temperature-rated washing fluid. Because de-icing ingredients dissipate over time, topping up with fresh fluid on a regular basis will help keep your wipers ready for snow and ice.

In conclusion, caring for your Tesla during the winter in Canada isn’t rocket science and is even quite simple. Make sure to care for your EV according to the Tesla guidelines that they offer you and follow all the tips we provided in this article, your Tesla car will most likely last longer, survive, and fare much better during the Canadian winters.

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