How to Save Thousands by Buying a Used Tesla in Canada: 7 things you need to know

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Tesla cars are now facing a heavy material shortage, new orders may take over half a year to be delivered now! Not to mention that the prices for new electric cars are rising. This is where you can look for a used Tesla for sale on the market for a fraction of the price. Unlike other used vehicles however, Tesla’s cars often retain a significant amount of their value over the years so the price tag for a used Tesla may still be a hefty sum.

Used electric vehicles are no longer easing to find and their prices aren’t as competitive as they once were. Therefore, finding a Used Tesla for cheap isn’t an easy task anymore and may require some digging to find. However, in this blog, we will provide you with 7 essential things that you need to know when searching for a used Tesla in Canada to get the best bang for your buck and save thousands of dollars and upfront cost and potential repairs in the future.

Using the right website and service

Buying a used electric vehicle can be done in multiple places but they aren’t all equal. Buying a used Tesla just like buying any other used vehicle that could come with risks. One of the solutions to this matter is buying from Tesla’s official CPO (Certified Pre-Owned), which offers peace of mind and a discount from a new car. Furthermore, you can search on certain EV marketplaces online that specialize in used electric vehicles sales as they can also offer valuable savings as well as quality control for the used Tesla.

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On the other hand, buying a used Tesla in Canada from traditional gas car dealerships or online marketplaces such as Facebook marketplace, Kijiji or Craigslist usually means that you need to pay a higher price or comprise for the quality of the used Tesla after you purchase it. These 3rd party methods usually imply a higher upfront cost or a higher repair/maintenance cost eventually.

used electric vehicles in Canada

Finding the right model for you

Not all Tesla models are built the same and they don’t serve the same purpose. If you need an SUV then opting for a used model Y is certainly more cost-effective than choosing a used model X. If you want a compact used sedan, the model 3 offers a quality drive for a fraction of the price.

However, older versions of the model S from 2012 to 2014 can be a valuable purchase for the luxury and immense discount you can purchase them for offering similar or better performance than newer model 3s on the secondary market.

Verifying battery life of a used Tesla

Battery life is a key component of used electric  vehicles, although Tesla built strong batteries for their EVs but there still could be an issue in battery longevity. Especially in Canada where cold winter conditions can cause further battery damage than in other locations where the climate is different. Searching for a used Tesla with good battery life is essential for saving money in the future when repairs or replacements may be needed.

When shopping for used Tesla in Canada, make sure that supercharging is available on the car as some 2012 model S Tesla may not offer it as well as verify the battery life on the car. A battery life of around 90% is very good for Tesla that are approaching 10 years old and for newer models, 95% and above is optimal for a longer lifetime.

Features and upgrades already in the car

Used Tesla can receive periodical software updates as well as improvements to their current performance. When shopping for a used Tesla in Canada, look for the upgrades that the car comes with, such as enhanced autopilot, extended range, AWD.

For older Tesla models, check if the navigation system such as the screen is updated and the time remaining on the warranty. Furthermore, some Tesla may offer free supercharging for the lifetime of the vehicle which will also save you some money overtime throughout the remaining lifetime of the used Tesla.

Look at the local incentives offered from your province for used electric vehicles

Sometimes buying a used electric vehicle can come with government incentives such as in the province of Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia . These used electric vehicles incentives may apply for the used Tesla you are purchasing and can relieve thousands of dollars from the upfront payment. So don’t forget to verify if your province offers rebates for used electric vehicle that you may benefit from and apply for them.

Make sure the car has a clean title and is certified by Tesla

Some used Tesla may have received servicing and repair from 3rd party services that are not necessarily certified by Tesla themselves. This may affect your ability to receive further maintenance and the benefits of your underlying warranty on the vehicle. Furthermore, Tesla have the capacity to restrict you from using their superchargers if the car has received service or repair from a non-authorized party which can be costly and most importantly a bother to not have access to the wide network of superchargers in Canada. If you are buying a used Tesla from an individual owner, make sure the car has a clean title and certified by Tesla.

Negotiate the price when buying a used Tesla

Even if you are buying a used Tesla, negotiating could help to bring the price down if you do your research beforehand and do price comparison on similar used Tesla models. You can also wait for the cheaper model 3 Tesla to age and become even less expensive on the used market as currently, the oldest model 3 still sells on the used market for quite near MSRP whereas waiting for the cars to depreciate further instead of opting for a more expensive model can prove to save more money.

In conclusion, when you buy a used Tesla in Canada, you must make sure to verify for all the things you would usually look for in a normal used vehicle. But since you are purchasing a used electric vehicle, that will require some different considerations. For example, you need to inspect different components such as the batteries, as well as verify supercharge and tech features that are available to see the full array of benefits you are getting when buying a used Tesla to save money upfront and overtime.

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