8 Tips For Buying A Used Electric Vehicle In Ontario

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Electric vehicles have evolved rapidly in recent years, and we’re seeing more and more EVs on Ontario’s roads. Entering 2022, the used electric vehicle market is also thriving with great green options. We have more variety and choices of used electric vehicles in Ontario than ever before. If you are eager to make the move to the battery-powered bandwagon, buying a used electric vehicle is a more affordable option. 

Here are the 8 steps for choosing a used electric vehicle in Ontario to meet your need and your budget.

1. Finding the right EV for your lifestyle

There are all sorts of terrific used electric vehicles on the pre-owned market. To figure out which one is right for you, you’d better think about what type of EV meets your lifestyle the best by asking these questions:

  • What’s your plan to use this vehicle every day?
  • Hom many passengers will you have?
  • What is your driving style?
  • Do you have a hobby that needs roomy cargo space?
  • Do you have a 120-volt exterior outlet?
  • What battery range do you really need?
  • Is this your second or only car?

By asking those questions ahead, you will be able to narrow down the EV options and start your research.

2. Check the battery

For a used electric vehicle, checking the battery’s health is an important step. Since lithium-ion batteries tend to degrade over time, the battery age will affect how far you are able to drive. The more a battery degrades, it can hold less charge. Your battery range could be affected by battery degrades. Also, battery health is a key factor when determining the value of a used electric vehicle. Don’t expect a 100 per cent battery life report on a used electric car, but if you are buying a used electric car for commuting, a shorter battery range should not be an issue. 

3. Check the maintenance history

It’s the same when you buy any used vehicle, you will always want to review the EV’s vehicle history report before moving ahead with the purchase. EVs typically require less maintenance than their gas-powered counterparts, because they have fewer moving parts. So don’t be surprised if the used EV doesn’t have much in the way of prior maintenance. Step away if you see prior write-offs, or if a seller or dealership tries to steer you away from reviewing the used electric vehicle’s service history report.

Used Electric Vehicle In Ontario

4. Check the charging speed of the EV

The charging speed of an EV depends on the make and model and also the charging method. If you are good with charging your EV overnight from a home charger, you may not need to worry too much about an EV’s charging speed. However, if you’ll be relying on fast charges while you’re on the road or at work, make sure you invest in a used electric vehicle that supports fast charging for your needs. 

5. Remember to check if the EV comes with any charging accessories 

Keep in mind that EV charging accessories like charging cords and level 2 chargers are costly. Don’t forget to ask the seller which charging accessories are included with the used electric vehicle you are purchasing. Ideally, all necessary charging accessories come with the purchase so you have everything you need.

6. Ask about battery warranty 

Since battery degradation might be a problem for buying a used electric vehicle. Try to find a used electric vehicle that still has a valid manufacturer’s warranty if your budget allows it. Since extended warranty coverage for battery packs is included by all mainstream automakers, so many used electric cars will still be under warranty. Most of the battery warranty coverages run for 160,000 kilometres or eight years after the initial purchase, whichever comes first. While not all warranties are transferable to subsequent owners, you can contact the automaker with the VIN (vehicle identification number) to confirm if the warranty expires and if it’s transferable.

Want a worry-free used EV buy? Carnex offers a variety of different electric vehicles! At Carnex, all our electric vehicles have a full diagnostic run by our experienced EV technicians.

7. Find the right used EV dealer

With more and more great used electric vehicle inventory available on the market in Ontario. Buying a used electric vehicle from a dealership or privately are both worth looking into. However, buying directly from the owner means you will need to find your own financing. Shopping from the dealership can be convenient. Whether you shop directly from the owner or from an EV dealer, remember to check all the tips we mentioned here. Shop smarter for the right used electric vehicle in Ontario at Carnex.ca, your speciality EV dealer that opens for online shopping 24/7.

8. Check if you are eligible for a used EV incentive

In Ontario, you are eligible for a $1,000 government rebate towards the purchase of a used, fully electric vehicle. And a $500 incentive for a used plug-in hybrid. If you are from other provinces in Canada, remember to check out the used EV incentives offered by your provincial government and apply for the cash benefits. 

Learn more about the benefits of buying from Carnex. We believe that all clients deserve to know the good and bad of what they’re buying. Because we wanted to know these when we bought cars. That’s why at Carnex.ca, we will proudly display every detail every step of the way. Browse all the best cars, automobile buying tips, auto insurance, young drivers, driving techniques, auto industry trends from Carnex Blog.

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