Is It Worth Buying A Used Electric Vehicle in Canada? What Are The Pros And Cons 

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Are you considering buying a used electric vehicle but are not sure if it is worth spending your hard-earned money on? If you’re wondering, keep reading this blog to find out if buying a used electric vehicle in Canada makes sense for you.

Electric vehicles have been around for more than a decade in Canada. Going green by driving an electric vehicle has become quite popular in recent years thanks to Canadian government incentives. This indicates that there are a lot of high-quality used electric vehicles that are becoming available in Canada’s used car market.

For Canadian car shoppers, purchasing a secondhand electric vehicle can save money upfront as well as in the long run. In Canada, the average price of a new electric vehicle is $60,000, and used EVs are often 25% to 30% less expensive. If you want to drive an electric vehicle to reduce your carbon footprint, buying a used EV in Canada might be very affordable. However, you must be aware that purchasing a used electric vehicle has both advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading this article to learn the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing used electric vehicles in Canada if you are considering buying an EV but still have some questions.

The pros of buying a used electric vehicle in Canada

There are a number of reasons for purchasing a used electric vehicle in Canada. Whether it’s because buying a new EV means you might lock into a monthly car payment and the initial purchase price of new EVs can be quite expensive.

Outstanding value

In Canada, you can expect to pay between 25% and 30% less for a used electric car that is 2 to 3 years old than you would for a brand-new one, depending on the make and type.

The lower cost is by far the biggest advantage of buying a used electric car. Older electric vehicle models have fairly good value due to their significant initial depreciation. On the other hand, compared to recently released new EV models, used EVs provide outstanding value and equivalent performance. 

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Low operating expenses

Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts, as well as battery EVs do not have complicated engines. Therefore, regular oil changes are not required for EVs, whether they’re used or brand new. In addition, the most obvious advantage of driving an electric vehicle is that you’ll save money on gas because energy is cheaper than gas anywhere you plug in Canada.

EVs offer a better driving experience

Smooth acceleration and transmission make for a better driving experience with electric vehicles. Since an electric car lacks an internal combustion engine, smooth acceleration and deceleration are provided by the electric motor. Driving an EV can be quieter, smoother, and more comfortable compared to driving a gas car. Additionally, the low centre of gravity of electric vehicles can enhance their handling, responsiveness, and comfort throughout a journey.

Used electric vehicle

You are helping the environment by driving an EV

Your carbon footprint is decreased and global warming emissions are decreased by using electricity to power an electric vehicle. You can contribute to a greener environment by driving an electric vehicle, whether it is a new or used EV. Because you are recycling, buying a used electric car is much more environmentally friendly. Although buying used EVs is better for the environment, they can also perform equally well as new EVs. EVs may keep their condition even after a certain number of kilometres have been logged on the odometer since they have fewer moving parts. Electric vehicles (EVs) ought to last significantly longer than gas-powered vehicles because they don’t have sophisticated engines or transmissions.

Buying a used EV can also be eligible for government rebates

The majority of EV incentives in Canada pertain to the purchase of brand-new electric vehicles, while some incentives also include used electric vehicles. Even though you might not be qualified for the full amount, buying a used electric car can also be eligible for government rebates.

For example, in Ontario, you will qualify for $1,000 toward the purchase of a used fully electric car with a resale sticker price of under $50,000 CDN. Make sure you do your research and determine how much of an incentive you may be qualified for before making a purchase.

The cons of buying a used electric vehicle in Canada

Batteries’ endurance

EV batteries lose performance with time, much like any other battery-powered device. How far you can go in a used electric car will depend on the battery life. Your battery range may be impacted because when a battery ages, it can hold less charge. If you intend to buy a used electric car and maintain it for a while, you should be aware that the battery will ultimately need to be replaced. Check the battery for any damage, because replacing one can be extremely expensive. Also, remember to see if the EV has any open recalls and whether they have been addressed. 

Unfortunately, a battery’s remaining life cannot be determined by simply looking at it. A battery may last for a few years or for more than a decade. Testing is the best method to find out the battery longevity of a used EV. If you are unable to perform the testing yourself, you might have to hire a mechanic that has experience working on electric vehicles to test it for you. 

The good news is that a lot of batteries and electric motors have warranties that last for eight years or 160,000 miles. Some used electric vehicles even come with an optional extended warranty. Make sure you check the warranty on any used electric vehicle you purchase to ensure it’s still valid and transferable.

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Infrastructure for charging

A used electric car often has a shorter battery life than a new one. Additionally, keep in mind that an older EV model can possibly have a lower battery range due to battery longevity. Installing a charger at home is therefore the most practical alternative for a used EV, and additional investment in a charger at home should be taken into account.

Outdated technology

If you want to purchase a used electric car and retain it for a few years, you might find that some of the technology features might quickly go out of date. Although traditional gasoline vehicles are also affected by technological obsolescence, the disadvantages are even worse for older electric vehicles because EV technology is advancing rapidly.

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