7 Tips for A Great Electric Vehicle Test Drive

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Test driving a car sounds easy for most of us, but an electric vehicle test drive can be a different ride. It can be an exciting experience if it’s the first time you drive an EV, while some things can be completely new or different from test driving a traditional gasoline car.

That’s why we put together seven important tips here for you to know how to test drive an EV. Make sure you follow these tips on your EV test drive so it can help you to find the right electric vehicle.

Electric vehicle test drive

1. Book an appointment for your electric vehicle test drive

First of all, make sure you book an appointment for your electric vehicle test drive in advance. Therefore, you can request the EV of your choice is available and fully charged for your test drive.

2. Battery Range

When you do the test drive, you will have the chance to check the battery range and compare it with the manufacturer’s claim. Also, it’s important to keep an eye on the range during your test drive. Pay attention to how temperature, speed, acceleration, or steep hills can affect the range. For example, check if the range depletes more quickly when you are at a high speed, accelerate quickly, and with the usage of the heater or air conditioning. So you will have an idea of how your driving style can affect the battery range.

3. Regenerative Brakes

Electric vehicles come with a feature called regenerative braking. This feature allows EVs to replenish energy from braking and decelerate by converting energy back to its battery pack. 

You will have a smooth feeling as you brake because of the feature of regenerative braking. Just take a bit of time to get used to it and make sure you are comfortable with how the EV performs in this regard.

4. Silence

The electric motors of an EV only produce a gentle whirring noise. So EVs are incredibly silent compared to their gas-powered counterparts. You may feel strange at first if you are used to driving a gasoline car.

EVs also accelerate quicker than gasoline cars since the electricity turns the motor faster than burning fuel. 

5. Tech Features 

Many EVs come with touch screen controls, video displays, and vehicle specific tech features. Make sure you ask the dealer to explain these features and check what makes the EV different. Try out these features in your electric vehicle test drive and see if the EV has everything that you need.

6. EV Charging

Electric vehicle charging speeds break down into three distinct categories: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 charging. Make sure you learn about the differences between the EV charging pots and ask the dealer which type you will need for the EV of your choice.  Also, before or after your EV test drive, try to locate the charging port to see if it can be easily reached from the electrical outlet.

7. EV maintenances

Since EVs have far fewer moving parts, EVs typically need much less maintenance than gas-powered vehicles. However, don’t forget to ask the dealer what the maintenance schedule will be and how much it will cost.

Thinking about going green with an electric car but not sure if the switch is the right move for you? Giving an electric vehicle a test drive might be the key to addressing your questions. 

Book an EV test drive, enjoy a pure electric experience at Carnex.

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