10 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Used Tesla

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Why You Should Buy A Used Tesla?10 reasons you should know.

An increasing number of Canadian drivers are opting to buy a Tesla due to its outstanding performance. Because of the growing popularity of Tesla, there are also more used Teslas available for purchase. On the other hand, you are most likely looking at a long delay for a brand-new Tesla today, no matter which model you are ordering. As the demand for Teslas grows, more people are looking for used Teslas on the market.

If you need a car quickly, buying a used Tesla may be the best option, and here are the top 10 reasons why you should do so.

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An advanced EV with great affordability

Buying any used vehicle is always down to finance, since used vehicles tend to be available at a much more affordable price. The same principle applies to Tesla as well, the most obvious benefit of buying a used Tesla is that they are cheaper to buy. After all, who doesn’t like to enjoy the benefits of the latest technology at a huge discount? With a used Tesla, you can still enjoy most of the benefits without the high price tag.

For those who are desperate to get behind the wheel of a Tesla, you may uncover a hidden gem in the used market and even have a chance to pick up a Tesla’s high-end model while spending the same as purchasing the cheaper Model 3 brand new.

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Used Tesla

Get immediate delivery with a used Tesla 

Tesla quotes eight months before the delivery date of certain Tesla models, and that’s quite a long waiting time. Furthermore, some used Tesla models are currently more expensive than new ones. Long wait times and supply shortages can be attributed to the global vehicle chip shortage. Searching for a used Tesla offers a convenient option with instant availability. If time is of the essence, purchasing a used Tesla will save you time.

Teslas are reliable 

Teslas are built to last, so one of the most appealing features of Tesla vehicles is their durability. Teslas are built with a long-term goal in mind, and they are considered to be the top-rated options in the electric vehicle market. 

There are always risks when it comes to buying a used vehicle, since there are unknown factors that come from the previous ownership. While a used Tesla should have the same performance regardless of having plenty of miles on its odometer. Buying a used Tesla should be a safe spend, as it has been claim that Tesla’s are built for a lifetime, and you can expect trouble-free driving for years to come.

More pre-owned options available

If you shop around for used electric vehicles on the market, you will most likely find that your options are limited when compared to used gas-powered vehicles.

While Tesla is the most popular electric vehicle, its popularity has grown significantly due to its advanced technology and fantastic performance. While we see more Teslas on the road, there are also a lot more used Teslas available for Canadian car shoppers to purchase in the used car market.

Stronger battery performance and transferable warranty

One of the benefits of buying a used Tesla is its strong battery and potential transferable warranty. Battery deterioration may be an issue for some used electric vehicles because lithium ion batteries degrade over time. The more a battery degrades, the less charge the EV can carry, and the battery range could be largely affected as a result. However, not all EV batteries are made equal; Tesla’s batteries are regarded as the best in the electric vehicle industry. The company has more advanced battery technology. Tesla EVs are built to last. Tesla’s batteries can retain more than 90% of their full capacity after 320,000 kilometers of driving. Battery degradation is a concern when shopping for used electric vehicles, so buying a used Tesla becomes a safer investment than others. Tesla produces long-lasting EVs with high-quality batteries.

The warranty period for Tesla is eight years or 200,000 kilometers, with a minimum of 70% battery capacity retention during the warranty period. It can give you peace of mind if you buy a used Tesla that is still under warranty. 

The majority of used Tesla have low mileage

The most serious issue with used EVs is the battery, which is rather expensive to replace when it fails. While the majority of used Tesla models have low mileage, Tesla also has high confidence in its battery packs. Based on the estimates, the battery should still retain 90% of its full capacity after 300,000 kilometers. If it is even close to that figure, you are getting a wonderful deal and an opportunity to buy a used Tesla in excellent condition.

Potential resale value

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity throughout the world, and, when people make their move to EVs, they obviously want to pick up the very best. Tesla is considered to be the top of the range option in the EV world and the most popular EV brand today. That’s why Tesla models do very well in keeping their resale values, whether for new or used Tesla. Just as you are interested in buying the best and most popular EV brand, someone else might be interested in buying your Tesla in a few years. In another word, the potential resale value of a used Tesla should perform better than that of other used electric vehicles. If you don’t enjoy your Tesla, you will also be able to turn around for a similar price straight away. Since Tesla is such a trending company that has people’s attention, there is always going to be a market for a used Tesla.

Used Tesla get the most recent upgrades

Tesla is continually evolving, so you may find the newest advanced technology features missing in a model from two years ago. However, the company looks far enough ahead to make relatively used Tesla vehicles capable. Tesla offers over-the-air software updates on older models, ensuring that your used Tesla is always up-to-date.

Supercharging stations are widely available across Canada

Range concerns are a primary reason people avoid buying EVs, particularly used electric vehicles. But Tesla attempts to assuage this fear by establishing supercharging stations, which are the new gas stations of the future. Tesla has built 147 Tesla superchargers across Canada, with plans to install many more in the near future.

Buy A Used Tesla

More Eco-friendly

We all know that electric cars have several environmental benefits over conventional gas-powered vehicles. While Tesla is committed to a positive environmental future, their cars are built to last to meet these long-term goals. With Tesla’s strong focus on environmental issues and solid engineering, driving a used Tesla can further reduce your carbon footprint.

Buying a used Tesla is an excellent way to get your foot in the door and join in the electric revolution. It’s less expensive, safe, and better for the environment.

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