The Top 7 Used Electric Hatchbacks Available In Canada

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The Top 7 Used Electric Hatchbacks Available In Canada

Hatchbacks are a type of car with a rear door that opens upward to give access to a large luggage area. They have a ton of space for their stature. A hatchback’s wide opening hatch and the extra space it creates when the second row of seats is pulled down are two of its best characteristics. The hatchback type offers fantastic baggage space, making it a great choice for anyone looking to buy a car who wants more room for daily driving, going off to college, or simply planning a road trip.  

Hatchbacks blend the compact style’s utility with cutting-edge powertrains, which enables them to offer impressive fuel economy numbers while still maintaining competitive pricing. The nimble electric hatchback vehicle was one of the pioneering forms that emerged as we transitioned towards electric vehicles (EVs). Modern electric hatchbacks are more useful, powerful, and fun to drive than ever. While fully electric hatchbacks are the future of transportation for dozens of reasons, many new EVs are still too expensive for most Canadian car shoppers. That’s where the used market comes in. There are also many great deals to be found on the used market because EVs have been in production for more than a decade.

To make locating the top used electric hatchbacks of 2023 as simple and effortless as driving them, we’ve done all the legwork for you. We will share with you the top options available in the used car market in Canada; from affordable used electric hatchbacks to more expensive high-performance models, there’s a used electric hatchback to suit most needs somewhere on this list.

The ideal models of entry-level used electric hatchbacks

Three used electric hatchbacks stand out when it comes to entry-level EVs: the Nissan LEAF, Chevy Bolt, and Hyundai Kona. They’ve given every other rival a run for their money, setting the standard with an amazing range of specs and reliable performance at extremely affordable pricing. 

Used Electric Hatchbacks

Nissan Leaf: Efficiency and Practicality Redefined

Thanks to its outstanding efficiency and usefulness, the Nissan Leaf has become one of the most well-liked EV hatchbacks. The Leaf is the best electric vehicle for daily commuting and city driving, with a range of up to 428 kilometers. While still offering enough internal space for people and cargo, its small size and nimble handling make it simple to maneuver through city streets. It’s easy to see why it’s so well-liked in the used electric hatchback market.

The Leaf includes cutting-edge technologies, including e-Pedal technology, which enables one-pedal driving by producing electricity when slowing down. To improve the driving experience, the Leaf incorporates a user-friendly infotainment system with smartphone connectivity. The Nissan Leaf has established itself as a benchmark for sustainable mobility thanks to its low cost and environmental friendliness.


The Chevrolet Bolt: Leading the way in electric vehicle innovation

The Chevy Bolt garnered a lot of attention last year due to a widely reported battery recall, but the majority of owners still think it’s a terrific, reliable electric car. With a 383-kilometer range when it first debuted in 2017, Teslas were the only vehicles that could match it at the time. The Bolt drew many new drivers despite the second-generation LEAF’s 243 kilometers of range and 363 kilometers with the Plus update in 2018 and 2019. It holds a significant position in the used electric hatchback market.


Hyundai Kona Electric: Merging Practicality with Long Range

The Hyundai Kona Electric is an adaptable and powerful EV hatchback that has won praise for its usefulness and performance in the used electric hatchback market. The Kona Electric gives you the freedom to go further distances without sacrificing comfort or flair, with a range of up to 415 kilometers. Its roomy interior and excellent multimedia system provide a pleasurable driving experience.

The Kona Electric puts driver and passenger safety first and is outfitted with cutting-edge safety systems, including forward collision avoidance aid and blind-spot collision warning. It’s a pleasure to drive thanks to its fast acceleration and agile handling, and its regenerative braking technology improves efficiency. For those looking for a dependable and potent used electric hatchback, the Hyundai Kona Electric offers an alluring alternative.


There are more options if you’re having problems choosing between these entry-level used electric hatchbacks.


Volkswagen ID.3: Embracing the Electric Revolution

Volkswagen’s dedication to electric mobility has advanced significantly with the release of the ID.3. The ID.3 is the brand’s first exclusively electric hatchback, and with a range of up to 547 kilometers, it offers worry-free long-distance travel. It is a great option for families because of its roomy interior and ergonomic design, which offer comfort for the driver and passengers.

The ID.3 keeps you connected and entertained while driving thanks to its cutting-edge connectivity features and simple user interface. The ID.3’s cutting-edge safety features, like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist, put everyone’s safety first. With the ID.3, Volkswagen entered the EV industry and demonstrated its commitment to a sustainable future. Thus, it stands out in the market for used electric hatchback cars.


Hyundai IONIQ 5: A fantastic value EV

Hyundai’s newest electric vehicle, the IONIQ 5, was created from the ground up on a new platform that the Kia EV6 also uses. It boasts lightning-fast charging, has received design prizes all over the world, and has assisted in making EVs more widely discussed. This Hyundai Ioniq is noticeably different from the previous Ioniq electric and plug-in models. The IONIQ 5 has a battery capacity of 58 or 77.4 kWh and a potential range of 354 or 487 kilometers. The Hyundai IONIQ 5 is a fantastic value used electric hatchback with a large cargo area, effective electricity utilization, and cutting-edge driving aids and technology.


Tesla Model Y: Redefining Electric Performance

The Tesla Model Y has been compared to a Model 3 hatchback with the option for a “child-sized” third row by many. The Model Y is another vehicle that is frequently referred to as a crossover SUV. It is larger inside than a sedan and can carry more cargo. The cabin is a tech lover’s dream for a Tesla, and the dual-motor powertrain delivers plenty of zip. 

When using the regular 19-inch wheels in 2022, the predicted driving range is a sizable 531 kilometers. Similar to other versions, the Model Y controls almost every feature via the wide, slender infotainment display in the center of the dashboard. This display shows everything from climate control to the speedometer. Additionally, the Model Y comes equipped with Tesla’s cutting-edge autopilot semi-autonomous driving system, which includes a self-parking feature and a summon feature that lets you summon your vehicle from outside of it. The Model Y is an excellent option for individuals looking for a high-performing and environmentally conscious used electric hatchback because Tesla, the inventor of the electric revolution, continues to dominate the EV industry.


BMW i3: Luxury and Sustainability Converged

The BMW i3 delivers an exquisite fusion of elegance, sustainability, and performance for those looking for a high-end EV hatchback. The i3 emanates elegance and exemplifies BMW’s dedication to environmentally responsible manufacturing with its distinctive design and sustainable materials. With a range of up to 246 kilometers, the i3 is appropriate for driving in cities and suburbs.

A cabin that has been painstakingly built and is furnished with premium materials and cutting-edge technology can be found within the i3. The vehicle’s user-friendly entertainment system and driver-assistance systems guarantee a smooth and secure ride. The BMW i3 is the best choice of the used electric hatchbacks for traversing city streets and parking in small places due to its small size and narrow turning radius. With the BMW i3, you can experience the height of luxury and sustainability.


Embrace the electric revolution by choosing the used electric hatchback that aligns best with your priorities and lifestyle, and an affordable price tag. We have uncovered the future of electric options by discovering the top rated used electric hatchbacks for you. Each used electric hatchback offers a distinctive combination of characteristics to accommodate a variety of demands and preferences, from the thrilling performance of the Tesla Model Y to the efficiency and practicability of the Nissan Leaf. 


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