Things To Do For A Great Electric Vehicle Test Drive

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You may have done some test drivings before and have a general sense of what to look for while doing so. Most of us don’t do test drives very often, and an electric vehicle test drive can be a very different ride. If it’s your first time driving an electric car, some things could be completely new for you, and that requires a different set of guidelines when test driving.

electric vehicle test drive

An electric vehicle test drive may be the key for you to shop for the right EV. While you will feel differently driving an EV on the road, some new experiences may get you distracted and forget to look for the important things in your EV test drive. 

That’s why we put together some tips here for how to test drive an EV. Make sure you follow these tips that can help you get prepared to buy the right electric vehicle.

Things To Do For A Great Electric Vehicle Test Drive

Schedule Your EV Test Drive

Make an appointment for your electric vehicle test drive in advance. Also, make sure that your EV of choice is available and request it’s fully charged for your test drive.

It’s always a good idea to book your electric vehicle test drive ahead of time, then you can take time to do your research with regard to the EV’s battery range, performance, and features. In your EV test drive, you can ask the salesperson any questions that come up after your test drive.

Before You Drive

Get yourself familiar with the electric vehicle before hitting the road. Locate the charging port to see if it can be easily reached from the electrical outlet. Then check around to see if there’s sufficient headroom for back-seat passengers when the front seats are adjusted fully rearward. Make sure you check the trunk or hatchback, to see if there’s sufficient room for your daily shipping trips.

When you get in the car, take a few minutes to adjust the seat and make sure you can easily reach all controls before you drive. Your feet should be able to reach the pedals comfortably without having to position yourself too close to the steering wheel. Check if there are sufficient storage cubbies for small things like your wallets, phone, and sunglasses, and they are located within reach.


Many EVs come with touch screen controls and video displays, keep an eye on the range during your test drive. Pay attention to how temperature, speed, acceleration, or steep hills can affect the range. For example, check if the range depletes more quickly when you are at a high speed, accelerate quickly, and with the usage of the heater or air conditioning. Check how does the range compare with the manufacturer’s claim? And how your driving style could also affect the range.


The electric motors of an EV only produce a gentle whirring noise. So EVs are incredible silence compares to their gas-powered counterpart. 


EVs are actually accelerating quicker than gasoline cars since the electricity turns the motor faster than burning fuel. Electric vehicles also come with a feature called regenerative braking, which can replenish energy from braking and decelerate by converting energy back to its battery pack. You will have a smooth feeling as you brake because of the feature of regenerative braking. Just take a bit of time to get used to it and make sure you are comfortable with how the EV performs in this regard.

electric vehicle test drive

Now that you know how to do a great EV test drive. Book your EV test drive today and shift your new EV test driving knowledge into gear at Carnex!

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