The Best Ways To Sell Your Used Electric Vehicle Online

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Whether for used electric vehicles or traditional cars, it’s not always simple for everyone to sell a used car online. The good news is that finding potential buyers for your used car can be simple if you sell it online. Your experience selling your old car online should be pleasant.  In this blog, we will share some tips to help you get ready to sell your used electric vehicle online.

The first step to selling your used electric vehicle online: gather your paperwork

The first step to selling your used electric vehicle, you need to gather the documents required. In Canada, when you sell your car, you must provide the following to the buyer:

  • The Vehicle Identification Number and the Used Vehicle Information Package (VIN)
  • A signed bill of sale containing your name, the buyer’s name and address, the date, and the purchase amount. 
  • A legal automobile title.
  • A Transfer Application that has been completed and signed

When selling, if you want to receive the highest potential price, you should prepare additional paperwork such as: 

  • Your service records. Give prospective purchasers as much service information as you can to demonstrate how well the vehicle has been taken care of.
  • A vehicle history report (VHR) is a document that provides information about a vehicle’s past, including information on registration, accidents, unresolved safety recalls, lien status, and other things.

All of these documents reassure potential buyers that they are purchasing a reliable vehicle and demonstrate you have nothing to hide. Potential purchasers will consequently be more inclined to pay a higher price for it.

An important step to selling your used electric vehicle online: making a positive first impression

When you show your car to potential buyers, it’s crucial to make sure it looks good. Make sure to clean up your electric vehicle before listing it online. Wash it thoroughly, apply a fresh layer of wax, vacuum the interior, and use an effective upholstery cleaner to clean the seats and carpeting.  Before putting your used EV on the market, you should probably take care of any small repairs or maintenance that are needed. To have minor dents and scratches professionally fixed or hiring a detailer to give it a once-over could easily increase your asking price by hundreds of dollars.

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Remember to do your research before putting your used car on the market online

It’s crucial to do research before you put your car up online for sale. Determining your car’s value is a critical first step if you are selling your used electric vehicle on your own.  A smooth transaction requires that you set a reasonable asking price for your used EV. If you undervalue it, you won’t collect as much money as you’d like to put toward your next car, and if you set the price too high, you risk having fewer potential buyers. 

Simply start with these questions to evaluate your EV:  What kind of condition is my EV in? What is its value? What price can I get for it? Just simple begin with these inquiries and conduct your own research online before listing your EV for sale. Search used electric vehicles available in your location, and find out what the price range for the similar used EVs can give you a better idea to set a fair price for your used EV.

Selling your used electric vehicle online: creating an online listing

Your listing should be brief and to the point, with the option to add a little further information that potential used EV would find useful. To support your listing, you’ll need to take a number of excellent images of your EV from the interior and outside. Take pictures of important details like the wheels, instrument panel, controls in the centre, a wheel, the interior of the trunk, etc. These high-quality photos are very important when you sell your used electric vehicle online.

Here are some important points you should be in your Ad listing:

  • high-quality pictures
  • Listed price
  • a note describing the state of the vehicle
  • the brand and model of your automobile
  • Mileage and the year
  • Contact details
  • Battery warranty if it’s transferable

Since replacing the powertrain battery will cost $20,000 or more, the powertrain battery’s remaining life is the most common query from used EV buyers. Fortunately, EV battery warranties are often transferable to the second owner and typically cover eight years of use or 160,000 kilometres. While some manufacturers will transfer the remaining portion of the original warranty to a subsequent owner, others may place restrictions on this. If your EV’s battery warranty is transferable, you should include it in your listing.

Avoid being a victim of internet predators

In your listing images, be sure to conceal the licence plate and safeguard your personal information. While taking pictures, you can obscure your licence plate.

You could feel better presenting the EV solely in the daytime if a potential buyer wants to inspect it. Consider meeting the buyer or conducting the test drive in a busy public space rather than at your home address. For example, make plans to meet in a public space like a parking lot for a store or mall. Always accompany the test driver and request to see the buyer’s licence before the test drive.

A sales contract should be signed by both parties when the terms of the sale have been agreed upon. A straightforward bill of sale that just specifies the car, the amount, the parties to the sale, and that it is being bought “as-is” can be written by hand or printed out. 

Never take money via personal check. Requesting cash or a certified bank check rather than a personal cheque can be safer. Also, make sure you complete the transaction within regular business hours so you can check the bank’s records.

When the deal is finalised, request cash or a certified bank check rather than a personal cheque.

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