Buying a Used Tesla in Canada: 6 Essential Factors You Should Consider

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Buying an EV can be a very different experience and thinkings from buying a conventional car, and buying a Tesla will bring you an entirely different experience. Elon Musk’s electric cars certainly have something you can be excited about. However, if you go to Tesla’s website and configure a new model now, you’ll quickly discover the delivery dates are many months away. Other than some of the delivery dates extending into 2023, Tesla is also raising the prices. That is why a used Tesla is something well worth considering.

There are always advantages and downsides to purchasing a new or used car. In addition, there are virtually always compelling reasons to choose a new car over a used car and vice versa. If you’re in the market for an EV, particularly a used Tesla, here are six essential factors you should know before purchasing a used Tesla in Canada.

Understand the Tesla models

Tesla presently has four models on the market, as one of the most popular electric vehicle names, you will expect to find all four models in the used car market in Canada. Before you make your move to a used Tesla model, it’s critical to understand what they are and what category they belong to, as each model seeks to meet extremely unique objectives. Tesla’s lineup is effectively divided into two price points. The company’s more affordable Model 3 compact sedan and Model Y compact EUV that are at the bottom of the price hierarchy. The Model S midsize sedan and the Model X midsize SUV are at the top of the company’s portfolio.

Model 3

The Model 3 can be thought of as the Model S’s smaller sibling in terms of affordability. If you need an EV for daily commuting or doing errands, the Model 3 has somewhat less storage than the Model S but is adequate for everyday use. Even in its most basic version, the Tesla Model 3 has a very sufficient range of 437 kilometres in ideal conditions. You get the same elegance and performance as the Model S for a fraction of the price. This EV is designed for consumers who want to get into the electric car industry but need a sedan at a reasonable price.

Model Y

The model Y is a more compact SUV provided by Tesla that is aimed at providing an affordable alternative to customers who require a reliable and performant electric SUV but cannot afford the model X. This SUV offers a lot of storage space, although not as much as the Model X, and it has similar characteristics to the Model X. The Model Y long-range variant, like the Model X, has seven seats and an estimated range of 531 kilometers. In addition, Model Y includes a performance model option for those who want fewer seats but more power and performance. In addition, the performance model has a lower predicted range of 487 kilometres.

Tesla offers top-of-the-line models like the S and X for individuals who want the most luxury and performance, as well as less expensive choices that preserve the quality and feel of a Tesla while providing comparable performance. The 3 and Y are the best options for drivers who wish to enter the electric car market for the first time. The Model S and X are designed for people who have specific needs or want to embody luxury and performance in an electric car that can do their daily travel.

Model S

The Tesla Model S is the company’s flagship model, a battery-powered liftback electric vehicle. The Model S has a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive layout, whereas previous models had a rear-motor and rear-wheel-drive architecture. It is regarded as a premium sedan, with the longest range of the four models at 650 kilometres, as well as the best performance. Model S is Tesla’s first production model, and it provides comfort, performance, luxury, dependability, and style at a cost. This electric car is intended for folks who want a daily driver that can perform and look great while also turning heads.

Model X

The Tesla Model X is the company’s top-of-the-line SUV. Inside, you’ll discover a large interior with plenty of room for your passengers as well as the items you’ll be transporting. The Model X has an estimated range of 560 km under ideal conditions, making it ideal for long-distance commutes and road vacations. The car has a plethora of amenities and technology, such as the falcon doors. The Model Y is designed to carry a large amount of cargo or people while maintaining a sumptuous appearance and functioning well as a 7-person SUV. This vehicle is ideal for families who require a lot of space for whatever reason, or for individuals who require the large storage space and performance of the Tesla to execute their daily travel needs.

Used Tesla

Understand the pros of buying a used Tesla

Obviously, the main reason people buy used electric vehicles is to save money. After all, if you can obtain a brand-new car for the same price as a used one, why would you want to buy one with a few thousand miles on it? Hence, any used vehicle should be significantly less expensive. This may be an ideal loophole for car shoppers who want to get behind the wheel of a Tesla but lack the financial means to do so at full price. However, when buying a used Tesla, one must be cautious and look for a decent deal, as markets for used electric vehicles may be overpriced.

When purchasing a used Tesla, you may be confident in the vehicle’s quality. In comparison to other used electric vehicles on the market, Tesla’s used electric vehicles have withstood the test of time and run effectively, requiring little maintenance if properly cared for throughout their lifetime. Furthermore, used Teslas continue to receive manufacturer software updates and can improve over time to become more efficient and receive greater features as software improves.

Finally, because Tesla is such a popular brand that has gotten people talking, a used Tesla can maintain a solid market value. Someone looking for a used electric vehicle will always have a market. Because used electric vehicles are so popular right now, if you buy a used Tesla and don’t like it, you’ll probably be able to sell it for a similar price straight away. Eventually, a used Tesla will retain more value than most used electric vehicles from other companies, which will save you money when reselling.

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Understand the cons of buying a used Tesla

Even if you are looking to save money by purchasing a used Tesla, you may not receive the best deal because a used Tesla can retain a significant amount of its value when compared to other used electric vehicles. Because used Teslas are so popular on the used EV market, you may have to pay a premium for the brand’s used EV.

Second, while purchasing a used Tesla, you must look for the characteristics you desire because they are not custom-made by the manufacturer to your needs. Finding the ideal used vehicle for you may be challenging because some used electric vehicles may have more features than you require but are more expensive than your set budget, whereas other used Teslas may have fewer features than you require but are within your budget range. As a result, finding the ideal used electric vehicle might be difficult.

Understand the importance of battery longevity when buying a used EV

Battery life is an important factor in any used electric vehicle, and Teslas are no different. Particularly in harsh winter circumstances in Canada, where freezing temperatures can cause more battery damage than in other regions where the climate is different, calmer, and more ideal. Looking for a used Tesla with a battery in good condition is critical for future savings. As such, repairs may be required and will be required for proper functionality in all dimensions of the EV.

Superchargers for Tesla in Canada

The supercharger network for Tesla EVs in Canada is well developed. You can find them in all major metropolitan centres in numerous locations with lots of places to charge your electric vehicle.

In Ontario, the supercharger network is substantially developed. They are available in all major cities, including Toronto, Ottawa, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Hamilton, London, Windsor, and Kitchener. The superchargers can also be found on major Ontario routes and alongside major highways. However, Tesla charging stations are less prevalent in northern Ontario than in most Canadian provinces, with most major cities and highways adequately served.

Although Tesla has a well-established charger network across the country, a home charger is the most effective way to ensure that you always leave your house with a full charge. Investing in a home charger can be considered depending on your needs. Some provinces also provide incentives for the purchase and installation of home chargers.

Tesla’s service will be different

Whether you buy a brand new or used Tesla, you will notice the service can be quite different compared to most mainstream automakers. The majority of Tesla’s services are done online through the Tesla app. You must first file a service claim with Tesla for evaluation ahead of time. Then the company will contact you to assess how your problem can be resolved.

It is critical to know this because it is a completely different manner of doing business than most automakers. With a Tesla, you don’t take it to your local dealer to have it serviced, and Canadian Tire will not assist you if you own a Tesla.

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