Should you choose used premium models Tesla or newer economy models?

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When buying a used Tesla in Canada, the market can display multiple options, from older Tesla models all the way to the newest and latest Tesla cars available on the used market. When purchasing a used Tesla, you can consider either buying a newer model from recent years, such as the 2018-2021 model 3 or Y for about the same price as a used Tesla Model S or X from earlier years. 

When it comes to buying a used Tesla in Ontario, what will you consider when deciding between a more luxurious but used electric vehicle compared to a newer but more economical electric vehicle. Buying a used Tesla has become more difficult as used car stocks from the Tesla dealership have diminished greatly and are now scarce, so purchasing from third-party dealerships or resale websites seems to be the only option to find a used Tesla nowadays in Ontario.

In this article, we will cover the advantages and disadvantages of buying different Tesla from different models and describe the best options for purchasing a used Tesla in Ontario.

Ask a few questions to first understand your needs

To start, ask yourself the following questions to determine what kind of EV category you may want to consider.

Is this going to be my primary vehicle or a backup?

How many passengers will I be transporting?

Is it necessary for me to transport equipment?

What sort of range do I require?

Is it my intention to construct a charging station at home, or will I be able to use one at work?

Is there a 120-volt outlet outside?

Is it more common for me to drive in the city than on the highway?

Asking yourself these questions will narrow down the kind and class of used electric vehicle you will be looking for specifically, and you can begin scouring the market for the kind of car you need for your specific circumstances.

Consider the battery life when buying a used Tesla

The most important aspect of a used Tesla is the battery life that remains when buying it used, as it’s the key component that will affect the used Tesla’s performance the most. When buying used electric vehicles, the battery life is a crucial factor to consider and examine, and used Teslas have no exception. Particularly in Ontario, where harsh winter weather can harm batteries more severely than in other places with differing climates. Finding a used Tesla with a long battery life is crucial for saving money on potential future repairs or replacements.

When buying an older model, check to see if supercharging is an option because some 2012 model S Teslas could not have it. You should always check the battery life of your EV. For Teslas that are close to ten years old, the battery life of about 90 per cent is excellent, and 95 per cent and higher is ideal for a longer lifespan for newer models.

Considering the battery life of the Tesla is an important aspect of the vehicle, as older higher-end models may have a higher marketed range. However, due to battery wear and usage, it could be reduced to amounts that are less than expected.


Should you buy a premium used Tesla model or a brand new one?

Looking at older Tesla Model S and X models that are now close to a decade old. However, older versions of the Model S from 2012 to 2014 can be a valuable purchase for the luxury and immense discount they offer. The Tesla Model S and X offer similar or better performance than newer model 3s on the used EV market.

You can find amazing deals on Teslas and depreciated Teslas that are now selling for a fraction of their old retail price. Even though the price of the EV has gone down, the quality and the overall feel and performance certainly have not. You can still maximize a used Tesla from 2014 while looking amazing driving one. Buying an older model used Tesla such as the Model S and X, is much more comfortable and has a more luxurious experience. The EV should still run smoothly and almost boast similar performance to its newer counterparts compared to the newer models.

However, when buying an older premium Tesla model, you may see some of the newer features included in the new vehicles aren’t present. Therefore, periodic software updates and performance enhancements are available for used Teslas. Look for the upgrades that the car comes with, like an improved autopilot, an extended range, and AWD, while buying a used Tesla in Ontario. 

Remember to check the warranty expiration date and whether the navigation system, including the screen, has been updated on earlier models. Additionally, some used premium Teslas may provide free supercharging for the duration of the vehicle, which will help you save money throughout the course of the used Tesla’s remaining useful life. Then you can have an accurate comparison of what you are really missing out on when buying an older used Tesla.

Even though Tesla is guaranteed and advised to last a very long time and is equipped with high-quality batteries, it is nevertheless used Tesla will require more maintenance and repairs than if it was bought brand new.

The new Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are newer additions to the Tesla lineup. So buying these Tesla models will only be found in usually 2017 or newer as the vehicles were not produced before those dates. Therefore, the current used Teslas in Ontario are mostly model 3s and Ys from the last few years. Obviously, since these Tesla models are newer, although they are priced lower than the model S and X when new, they still cost similarly to the older model S and X. While buying a newer used Tesla, it’s likely that the EV will cost more, but you may get fewer features than a used Tesla that has had a couple of years behind the wheel already. 

Because of the high demand in the market lately, used Tesla model 3s and Ys from the past 2-3 years can sell for nearly the same price as the new vehicles after considering government incentives. This, however, cannot beat the fact that most used Teslas are still relatively new and perform like new, and with the assurance that the quality of the vehicle and its parts will still last for quite a long time before needing any repair or replacement. The advantage of buying a used Tesla Model 3 or Y in Ontario is that you can probably save money on maintenance and car repairs as well as benefit from government incentives for purchasing a used electric vehicle. 

In conclusion, when buying a used Tesla in Ontario, it all comes down to what you need.

Knowing what you want and what you need can help you figure out which Tesla model best suits your lifestyle, whether that is a practical electric vehicle to go out in sometimes or a premium EV that you will use for daily driving and chores. 

When purchasing a Tesla, remember to check those important factors just like you would typically check for any used car. But since you are buying a used electric vehicle, you also need to check the battery health, available tech features, and battery warranty to see the full range of benefits you are receiving. That will eventually help you save money upfront and down the road.

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