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Due to the increased demand for Tesla EVs, you’re likely to look at a long wait if you order a brand-new Tesla model today, no matter which Tesla model you are ordering. If you need a vehicle immediately, purchasing a used Tesla may be the best option. 

Buying a used Tesla direct from Tesla, a non-Tesla dealer or privately in Canada

When it comes to buying a used Tesla, you have the option of buying it from Tesla or from a non-Tesla dealer.

Buying used directly from Tesla, you will have a general warranty of at least 1 year/16,000 kilometres. While Tesla does not have a certified pre-owned vehicle programme, there isn’t much useful information on used Teslas on the Tesla website as well. If you want to buy a used Tesla, you also need to contact Tesla and wait for a response, which you will likely look into some delays.

Buying a used car from a non-Tesla dealer or privately requires you to do some homework.

Purchasing a used Tesla from a non-Tesla dealer might be a bit easier as the dealer should ensure the vehicle is mechanically sound and address all the cosmetic issues.  

While buying from a private seller is another option. Just like buying any used cars from private sellers, you need to verify things such as the history of the car, and whether there are accidents, damages, or finance on the car. Additionally, you may generally access the owner’s MyTesla account to see the supercharging status and other information for the EV.

Carnex A Growing Life Cycle Used EV Platform Founded by Tesla Enthusiasts

How does Tesla perform in the Canadian winters?

Whether for a new or used Tesla model, the effect of cold weather is likely to be the most significant on its battery. Depending on how low the temperature can drop in your location in Canada, you might expect a 30 per cent reduction in range and efficiency during the cold weather. Along with the reduced range caused by the cold, the regenerative braking will be also affected as well. Until the battery of your Tesla gets warm-up, you might get a “regenerative braking to disable” warning message at low temperature.

There could be some challenges in the harsh Canadian winter, but there are some easy tips you can to help your Tesla cope with the cold. Things like timing your overnight charging as near as possible to your morning departure time to keep your battery warm when you leave, using the mobile app to turn on your heated seats and climate control about 5 minutes before you depart, do things like these in winter will allowing you to use more regenerative braking and enhancing your Tesla performance in winter.

The reasons to buy a used Tesla in Canada

Now let’s take a look at some top reasons why you should buy a used Tesla in Canada.

Used Tesla – An advanced EV at an affordable price

Purchasing a used vehicle is always a matter of finance, as used cars are typically available at a lower cost. The same reasoning applies to buying used Tesla. And the most obvious advantage of purchasing a used Tesla is that it has great affordability. After all, who doesn’t want to take advantage of the latest technology at a significant discount? You can have most of the perks of a Tesla without the high price tag if you buy used.

For those who are desperate to get behind the wheel of a Tesla, you might be able to find a bargain on the used market, and you might even be able to purchase a Tesla’s high-end model for the same price as a new Model 3.

At Carnex, you may get behind the wheel of a used Tesla for an affordable price. Now is the time to take a look at our Tesla lineup and find an affordable way to join driving’s cutting edge.

It’s a reliable electric vehicle

Teslas are built to last, and one of their most appealing features is their resilience. Teslas are designed for long term goal, and they are often regarded as the best long-range electric car options available on the EV market.

When purchasing a used vehicle, there are always potential risks, as there are unknown elements resulting from the previous ownership. A used Tesla, on the other hand, should perform similarly regardless of the number of miles on the odometer. Making purchasing a used Tesla becomes a secure investment, as Teslas are said to be built to last a lifetime, and you can enjoy trouble-free driving for many years to come.

Availability of pre-owned options

If you look around for used electric vehicles in the marketplace, you’ll notice that there aren’t quite as many as there are for gas-powered vehicles.

While Tesla is the most popular electric vehicle, its popularity has grown rapidly due to its sophisticated technology and outstanding performance. While we are seeing more Teslas on the road, there are also a lot more used Teslas available on the market for Canadian car shoppers to buy.

Stronger Battery Performance

Battery degradation could be an issue for some used electric vehicles, as lithium-ion batteries degrade over time. The less charge a battery can hold, the shorter range the EV can travel. While not all electric vehicle batteries are made equal, Tesla’s batteries are rated the best in the EV industry. The company has more advanced battery technology. Tesla EVs are built to last, with Tesla’s batteries capable of holding more than 90% of their full capacity after 320,000 kilometres of driving. When looking for a used electric vehicle, battery degradation could be an issue; therefore, buying a used Tesla can be a safer investment than others, as Tesla produces long-lasting electric vehicles with high-capacity batteries.

Potential for resale

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular around the world, and when people make the switch to EVs, they naturally want the finest. Tesla is the most popular EV brand today and is regarded the top of the line option in the EV world. That’s why Tesla vehicles hold their resale values exceptionally well, whether new or used Tesla. That means, someone else might be interested in buying your Tesla in a few years, just as you are in buying the greatest and most popular EV brand. To put it another way, the resale value of a used Tesla should outperform the value of other used electric vehicles. If you don’t like your Tesla, you will be able to turn around for a similar price straight away. Because Tesla is such a popular brand that has captured the public’s attention, there will always be a market for a used Tesla.

Environmentally friendly

Whether for new or used electric vehicles, driving them are more eco-friendly than their gasoline counterparts. Canadian drivers are all aware that electric cars have a number of environmental advantages over gasoline-powered vehicles. 

While Tesla is dedicated to a better future for the environment, its vehicles are built to last in order to achieve these long-term goals. Driving a used Tesla can help you minimise your carbon footprint, even more, thanks to Tesla’s strong focus on environmental issues and superior engineering.

When it comes to buying a used vehicle, there is always some level of risk. A Tesla could be an excellent EV choice for your next vehicle, but keep in mind that buying a used one may come with uncertainties. If you want to take advantage of unique features like Autopilot and Full Self-Driving of a used Tesla, make sure you do your homework before shopping around.

If you’re looking for a used Tesla in Canada, start your search at Carnex, where you’ll find great used Tesla options at great prices!

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