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The first thing I noticed about this company is their excellent marketing. After searching for cars a while, I was impressed with the beautiful photos and attention to detail in their description.”

Recently sold my Tesla model 3 to Carnex .My experience with James from Carnex was nothing short of spectacular . James explained me clearly how we were going to complete the transaction , I was really impressed to see how smooth it was executed.

“I’ve never done a review for anyone or any place on google before, but the folks at Carnex deserve a heap of praise.”

“Bought my EV car from Sam and the team back in October of 2021. They were extremely helpful and descriptive in the cars details. Am very happy with their service.”

Why Choose Us

We choose to only sale quality and zero-accident vehicles. We are so confident in our cars that we will shamelessly show you all the perfections and imperfections of the vehicle – from the Chasis pictures to chipped paint spots.

We also offer a 9-day no question asked return policy and an 100-day in house mechanical warranty to make your purchase risk-free.

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