6 Things To Do For A Great Used Electric Vehicle Test Drive

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Used electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular in Canada since they’re a terrific way to drive an emission-free car while saving money on gas in the long run. Buying a used electric vehicle could also be far less expensive than buying a new one. 

There are several benefits to buying a used electric vehicle as opposed to a new EV or a used conventional gas-powered car. With a good inventory of used EVs available in the used market, finding a good used EV might be much simpler nowadays. However, when it comes to making the final decision, doing an EV test drive might be the key for you to have the green light to make the purchase. For the majority of us, test driving a car seems easy, but an electric vehicle test drive may be quite different. Especially if you are buying your first EV and doing the EV test drive for the first time, it can be an exhilarating experience. Things can be completely new or different from when you test drive a conventional gasoline vehicle.

That’s why we’ve included 6 crucial things in this blog for you to understand how to test drive an EV here. Follow these recommendations while taking an electric vehicle for a test drive so that you can choose the right one.

1. Check the battery range

Checking the battery range is the most important thing you’d need to check when test driving a used electric vehicle. Since the battery’s health is one of the key factors to evaluate when buying a used EV. 

Regardless of how much an EV has been driven, lithium-ion batteries deteriorate with time. How far you can go in a used electric vehicle depends on the battery’s condition. You will get the option to evaluate the battery range when you take the EV for a test drive. Also, keep in mind that the range should also be monitored during your test drive. Pay attention to how the range may be impacted by factors like temperature, speed, acceleration, or steep hills. For instance, see if the range decreases more quickly when you accelerate quickly, travel at a high speed, or use the heater or air conditioner. As a result, you’ll be aware of how your driving habits may impair the battery’s range.

2. Regenerative brakes

Regenerative braking is the key distinction between driving an electric car and a typical internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. By transferring energy back to its battery pack during braking and deceleration, this function enables EVs to recharge their batteries. Because of the regenerative braking technology, you should feel comfortable and smooth while you brake. When the driver lifts their foot off the accelerator in an EV like the Tesla Model S, regenerative braking kicks in to slow the car down under typical driving circumstances. The “Standard” setting offers the most regenerative braking power; it recovers the most energy and reduces brake wear and tear. 

If it’s the first time you test drive an EV, just give yourself some time to adjust and make sure you are satisfied with how the EV functions in this aspect.

Used electric vehicle

3. EVs are quiet

Electric vehicles are famously quiet. An EV’s electric motors merely make a soft humming sound. While EVs are compared to their gas-powered counterparts, they are incredibly quiet. 

If you’re used to operating a gasoline-powered vehicle, you could initially feel odd when driving an EV. Since electricity turns a motor more quickly than burning fuel, EVs also accelerate more quickly than gasoline-powered vehicles as well.

Not sure if switching to an electric vehicle is the best move for you? Your questions might be best answered by taking an EV test drive.

Are you prepared to engage in 100% electrified driving? Visit Carnex and schedule a EV test drive for a pure electrified experience.

4. Tech Features

Many EVs incorporate touch screen controls, video displays, and other tech elements that are unique to the particular car. 

Any used car’s technology could become obsolete in a few years, whether it’s a used EV or a used internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. The technology that supports electric vehicles is improving rapidly, which means a few years could bring some major changes. You must be ready to tolerate that if you buy a used electric vehicle. When test driving an electric vehicle, make sure you take your time to discover if it has what you need. You can ask the seller to go over the tech features with you and to point out any unique aspects of the EV. 

5. Charging your EV

Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 charging are the three different charging speeds for electric vehicles. Be careful to educate yourself on the variations among EV charging stations. Remember to verify whether the electric vehicle comes with the charging equipment that you need. Due to the high cost of EV charging accessories like level 2 chargers and charging cables, don’t forget to find out if the used electric car you want to purchase has any charging accessories. Additionally, try to find the charging port before or after your EV test drive to see if it is close to the electrical outlet.

6. EV maintenance

Since used electric vehicles often have less mileage than used gas-powered vehicles, their tires, brakes, and other parts last longer. Compared to gas-powered vehicles, EVs typically require a lot less maintenance because they have a lot fewer moving parts. But don’t forget to ask the seller about the planned maintenance schedule and associated costs before or after your EV test drive.

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