8 Essential Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Used Electric Vehicle

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When buying a vehicle of any type, finding a vehicle that’s right for you and falls within your budget could be overwhelming. While buying an electric vehicle needs some different thinking, especially when you buy a used electric vehicle, the procedure might be even more difficult.

If you are new to the world of electric vehicles and looking to buy a used electric vehicle, we’re here to help. In this blog, we will discuss some important questions for you to ask before you decide whether buying a used EV is right for you.

​​1. Is It Worth It to Buy a Used Electric Car?

It’s a real money-saving proposition when buying a used electric vehicle, which is probably why you’re thinking about it. Buying a used electric vehicle is an inexpensive option, especially if you’re on a budget and want to jump on the battery-powered bandwagon. 

2. What are the pros and cons of buying a used electric vehicle?

However, there are also some drawbacks when buying a used EV. The following are the primary advantages and disadvantages of purchasing used electric vehicles:

Pros of Buying a Used Electric Vehicle

Great value

Purchasing a used electric vehicle can lead to substantial upfront savings but also saving in the long run. Because an electric vehicle has fewer moving components than a gasoline vehicle, its operational costs will be lower. This is true for both new and used electric vehicles. Not to mention the apparent cost savings of driving an electric automobile, as electricity is always cheaper than gasoline no matter where you plug-in in Canada.

A more enjoyable driving experience

With the smooth transmission and quick acceleration, electric vehicles provide a superior driving experience. The electric engine delivers smooth acceleration and deceleration because an EV does not have an internal combustion engine. Driving an electric vehicle is often smoother and quieter than driving a gasoline vehicle. Electric vehicles also have a low centre of gravity, which helps with handling, responsiveness, and comfort.

Greener and cleaner

Electric vehicles emit less global warming emissions and have a lower carbon footprint. By driving an electric vehicle, whether a new or used EV, you are helping the environment. Purchasing a used electric car is even more environmentally friendly because you are recycling. While purchasing used electric vehicles is good for the environment, they can operate just as well as new EVs. Because electric vehicles do not have complex engines or transmissions, they can maintain their condition even after accumulating kilometres and last longer than gas-powered vehicles.

used electric vehicle

Cons of Buying a Used Electric Vehicle

Battery longevity

When buying a used electric car, the battery life will determine how far you can travel. Because a battery’s capacity decreases over time, your battery range may suffer as a result. If you plan to buy a used electric car and retain it for a long time, you should keep in mind that the battery will ultimately need to be replaced. The good news is that many batteries and electric motors are covered by warranties of up to 8 years or 160,000 kilometres, some even provide an optional extended warranty that can be purchased.

Infrastructure for charging

A used electric car’s battery range is typically smaller than that of a new EV. If you’re considering an earlier model, the range may be considerably shorter. As a result, there can be further investment in a charger at home.

Obsolete Technology

If you plan on purchasing a used electric vehicle and keeping it for a few years, you should be aware that its technology will quickly become obsolete. While technology obsolescence affects traditional fuel vehicles as well, the impacts are amplified for older generation electric vehicles due to rapid advancements in EV technology.

3. Why do I want to buy a used electric vehicle?

There are all sorts of great used electric vehicle options out there. For choosing the right EV for you, you’d better think about what you need from an EV.

Is this your second or only car? And what’s your plan to use this vehicle every day? Hom many passengers will you have? Asking these questions to know what you want out of your purchase can help you make the best option.

4. Do I enjoy driving an electric vehicle?

To answer this question, there is no better way to get behind the wheel of an EV and drive it. Make sure you manage EV test drives and take the car along your usual routes to see how it handles the road and how much of the battery it consumes on a daily basis.

5. What is my budget?

Electric vehicles tend to be more expensive than their gas-powered counterparts, that’s why going with a used electric vehicle is a good way to save money. Set a realistic budget before you fall in love with the first EV you drive. While taking into consideration saving money on maintenances and cutting your gas bills in the future, you might be able to afford a slightly more expensive model. However, don’t forget to include charging fees in your budget, both for increasing electric bills at home and public charging.

6. What battery range do I really need?

You can track your kilometres every day for a few weeks to figure out what range you really need. After you’ve determined how far you need to drive on a regular basis, look for a used electric vehicle that suits your needs. Makes sure you take the weather in your location into consideration, as the range of an electric car could be impacted by the temperature. In Canada, for example, Canadian drivers should be aware that cold weather can cause electric car batteries to lose their range during winter.

7. How will I get my EV charged?

In Canada, we have over 5,000 public charging stations across the country. Check out the availability of EV charging stations in your neighbourhood and along your commuting route first and consider if investing in a charging station at home is an option for you.

8. Is the EV I am purchasing eligible for government incentives?

The government incentives for used electric vehicles vary by province in Canada.

For example, Quebec offers reimbursements of up to $8000, while British Columbia offers rebates of up to $5,000. Drivers in Ontario can get $1,000 toward the purchase of a used fully electric car if they meet certain criteria, such as having a resale price of less than $50,000 and being used for personal purposes. You will do your research and see what you can get for purchasing a used electric vehicle in your location.

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