5 Tips for Buying a Used Electric Vehicle that’s Safe and Reliable

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Want to enjoy driving without pollution, using electricity instead of gasoline then just charging at home afterwards? More and more Canadian are being won over by the idea of owning an electric vehicle that will help them cut their gas bills as well as their carbon footprints. 

With the demand for electric vehicles in Canada increasing rapidly, manufacturers can’t keep up with the demands. If you place an order for an electric vehicle, it’s likely you will anticipate waiting 6 to 12 months before getting on the road.

The solution to the supply shortage is really simple, buying a used electric vehicle will get to on the road without a long wait. By taking some essential buying tips into your consideration, you can find your dream EV and save money.

However, purchasing an electric vehicle needs a different mindset than purchasing traditional used vehicles. When it comes to purchasing a used electric car, there are a few more factors to consider in order to get a great EV deal. Purchasing a used electric vehicle can save you money, but make sure you know what to look for before making your purchase. 

When buying used electric automobiles in Canada, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Do your research 

Just like buying any used vehicle, make sure to do your research before buying. In order to find the right and reliable electric car that is within your budget, doing your research will allow you to have an idea of what EV match your lifestyle the best and also falls within your budget. Search used electric vehicles online to look into the battery ranges, tech features, and price ranges among EV models will help you narrow down your alternatives. 

Another important thing when doing your research is to figure out what range you actually require. The electric vehicle industry has grown rapidly in the last decade. Some electric vehicles could only drive 160 kilometres on a single charge in the early days, while today’s Tesla Model 3 can travel 423 kilometres on a single charge. However, while 400 kilometres may seem ideal, a used electric car with a range of 150 kilometres may be enough for daily commuting. Calculating the battery range you really need can help you save money and narrow down your alternatives.

2. Shop around and compare the price

Be sure to compare prices online that can help you to locate a good deal on a used electric car.

While older models may be less expensive to buy, the battery longevity and obsolescence tech features might be an issue. Ensure to take the cost of a battery replacement into your consideration if you go with an older generation used electric car with a limited battery range. While some tech features can be updated with over-the-air programming; for example, Tesla or Cadillac may upgrade your vehicle’s product features on the fly, there is no way to change the equipment. This may not be an issue for some people, but if you don’t want to miss out on the technology that you want, choosing a newer model with a higher price tag may be worth considering.

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Used Electric Vehicles

3. Make sure the EV is in good condition

Just like buying any used vehicle, make sure to inspect the car’s condition as well as wear and tear. Take the used electric vehicle for a test drive once it passes your visual inspection. During your test drive, pay attention to the battery range, get a feel of how the Ev’s handling, and listen for unusual noises and vibrations. 

It’s recommended that have the used electric vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic. Because electric systems are the source of many EV difficulties, EV experts have greater tools and experience diagnosing any present and potential issues. Also, don’t forget to ask for maintenance records and other vehicle history reports.

4. Inspect the battery and charging system

Inspecting the battery is a critical step in buying a used electric vehicle. Lithium-ion batteries degrade with time, regardless of how much they’ve been used. The health of the battery in a used electric vehicle will affect how far you can drive. Because a battery’s ability to hold charge decreases with time, your battery range may be impacted. It’s normal that a used electric car does not hold a 100 per cent battery capacity, and if you’re buying one for commuting, a lesser battery range shouldn’t be an issue. 

Although a car dealership’s service department can provide you with a complete battery health report, the battery in a used EV declines over time due to a variety of factors. You can’t really know all of these aspects just by looking at the EV.t The operating temperature, the way how the battery charges, or overcharging are all factors to affect the battery’s longevity. Furthermore, not all-electric vehicle batteries are made equally. Some automakers produce superior batteries while others don’t. For example, Tesla’s batteries may still keep up more than 90% of their full capacity after 320,000 kilometres; thus, battery degradation is less of an issue if you buy a used Tesla.

Remember to check if the electric vehicle comes with any charging devices. As EV charging accessories such as charging cords and level 2 chargers are expensive. Don’t forget to inquire about the charging accessories that come with the used electric vehicle you’re looking to buy. 

In addition to that, make sure you choose a used electric vehicle that can accommodate your needs. The charging speed of an electric vehicle is determined by EV brands and models, as well as the charging method. You may not need to be concerned about an EV’s charging speed if you are comfortable charging it overnight from a home charger. But if you’ll be dependent on quick charging while on the road or at work, make sure you choose a used electric vehicle that supports fast charging.

5. Check the battery warranty

If your budget allows it, look for a used electric vehicle that comes with a valid manufacturer’s warranty. Since battery degeneration may become an issue for used electric vehicles. Almost all mainstream automakers offer extended warranty coverage for battery packs, so many used electric cars can be still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The majority of battery warranties cover 160,000 kilometres or eight years from the date of purchase, whichever comes first. While not all warranties are transferable to subsequent owners, you can check with the manufacturer using the VIN (vehicle identifying number) to see if the guarantee is still valid and transferable.

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